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hello hello, how are you friends? looking good today? i bet you can look a little bit better! know how? with the following shop i’m sharing today! after last week’s find, it seems that all i can think of is leather bags, well, maybe not, but maybe it’s the fact that we’ve reached april and summer days are closer, but i feel that my sense of fashion and excitement to have new girly things arises by this time of the year!

if you are a frequent reader of this blog, you might have guessed by now that i really have a thing for geometrical patterns (look at the blog’s header, it says it all!) and also a bit for tribal patterns and colours! so today, i’m bringing you the well-known brand from etsy – coriumi. i say well-known, because they have been featured on several blogs lately!

to tell you the truth, i don’t know much about this brand, but all i see is so good that i couldn’t help myself! i love the colours, the patterns, the leather (and you know how hard is for me to like leather bags)… and with no surprise, i love their stylish photos.

these images make me think about a stylish weekend with the girls, having brunch in paris… and then going for a walk through the cafes, little shops, narrow streets… these next two images are my favourite! the girl is really stylish and makes it feel like it’s easy to have style! oh and yes, with this post i admit my love for clutches! it’s curious, because though i love a lot of these things, i’m no addict to shopping or anything like it! and yes, give me shoes, bags, and some accessories and i’ll go crazy just like the next girl!

coriumi comes from lithuania and is owned by a boy, this is all i know! you can check this shop here and choose your own model for these warmer days!

images: coriumi via etsy (click on each image for further details)

ps1. and another post on the bla bla blog by ikea was published! care to read something about recycling?
ps2. and having mentioned a weekend in paris, lovers of photography & paris, check this photo session in paris by my friend chloe of caught the light! you won’t regret these minutes! it’s a dream in images!

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