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hello there lovely friends, how are you doing today? how sweet is this monday that actually feels a bit like friday, as tomorrow is an international holiday? feels good, right? and in order to make you feel even better, i’m sharing something really really good today! if i had to choose someone to be really jealous about, and by this i mean that nice good jealous (not the green envy one!), i would choose this girl who is behind this blog! so first let me introduce her to you. her name is erin gleeson and she worked for many years as a food photographer in new york city. but in november 2011 she moved to a cabin in the woods in northern california and this is actually the really-jealous-part!

because asides from her work (i’ll get on to that right away), she lives in this gorgeous cabin, in the most enchanting woods and i couldn’t ask for more. the city girl in me obviously fights with the let’s-wake-up-to-the-birds-and-among-the-highest-trees-girl. i don’t know if it’s the photographer in me, or just because i fell in love with kevin costner’s version of robin hood and the all group that lived on the trees, but her photos from the woods and cabin are really amazing! and about her work? well, she does something really cool and that is why i’m sharing her blog today! she shares recipes on her blog called the forest feast, so far that is pretty common, but the way she does it, is actually far from common, she makes it feel like it’s the easiest thing on earth and she does it through illustrations and photos of the ingredients.

if you’re used to explore food blogs, sometimes they seem to reach a level of perfection that doesn’t go that well with me, though visually they are so appealing and some are really good, others tend to be so perfect and out of reach that fall in that category of “too-much-for-me”. and when i landed on the forest feast via miss moss, i was so amazed by erin’s capacity of illustrating a recipe, as well as making the steps seem so easy and quick. working from home, it may seem we have a lot of time to prepare meals, but the truth is that we don’t, because we’re working (that is why it’s called working from home!) and sometimes it actually seems that our time is even less for those homey tasks.

so, i will leave you now with this suggestion for your holiday and i hope you can feel really inspired to cook some of these meals and also to watch robin hood again (oh it’s so good! remember the bryan adams song?)! have a great monday!

images: originally posted on the forest feast, with photos, illustrations and recipes by erin gleeson 

ps. have you considered my challenge?


  1. Thank you so much for this delicious inspiration. What joy it must be to have the perfect occupation (photography) in the perfect location (a cabin) :)

    • oh yes, it must be such a pure delight every morning! imagine when it’s raining and you’re cooking with your fireplace on, and you’re on that kitchen looking through that window??? oh my… i’m dreaming!

  2. Um copo de vinho, uma fatia de queijo e aquela varanda!… hmmmm… Pelo menos por um fim-de-semana não me importava nadinha! :) (para viver não sei, porque também sou muito citadina…)

    • ah um fim de semana pelo menos já me dava por muito feliz… imagina apreciar o sol através das árvores, com um bom vinho e uma tábua de queijos… ah que sonho!!!

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