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hello there! how are you? today i have that weekend feeling, because tomorrow is a national holiday and we’ll be away from lisbon, but i wouldn’t go without sharing something really precious that i found last week! it’s local markets day and as usual, the guests are portuguese and extraordinaire! i feel a little bit guilty as lately i’ve been sharing so much within the wedding industry, but as a photographer that industry is also very interesting and i’ve found myself exploring more and more, finding the most amazing professionals in the field. it’s really something that the wedding industry is changing so much in the last few years, becoming something so much modern and cheerful than the conventional and traditional wedding day.

and today, i’m not bringing you a wedding photographer, but a videographer. carlos ferreira is the man behind videoart storytellers and though i’ve known him for a few months now, i had never explored his website. until the day i did and i couldn’t let go… for the videos, the images and the music. just like the name… he does tell stories, he makes a cinematic movie out of your most special day. and if i feel guilty confessing that i didn’t give much importance to this kind of work, after seeing his work, i most certainly think that this is absolutely one of a kind approach and way to remember your special wedding day. i think i can promise you tears! yes, i can… but i get all emotional about love, so maybe you’re not like me!

 wedding highlights: cristiana & rui

while you go through videoart storyellers website, there are quotes flashing by and they can really make you think about the importance of having someone doing this work during your wedding day! asides from the photography part, having moving images with a beautiful song can really make you dream again and relive what was your special day.

“film as dream. film as music. no form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul.”
ingmar bergman

“my duty is to try to reach beauty. cinema is emotion. when you laugh you cry”
roberto benigni

“i think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. the very earliest peple who made film were magicians.” francis ford coppola

wedding highlights: sofia & fernando

asides from the videos, carlo’s website is so charming as well, with pops of pink here and there, images of happy couples during their wedding days, walking through vineyards or holding balloons… and has also an excellent soundtrack! that alone kept me with the website open for a couple of hours! but thinking about this work of his, it has to be someone with a great deal of sensitivity and eye for the details, the emotions, the persons and how to mix and match all the information of one day, making something so dreamy and that will keep the couples’ company through the years of their marriage! so, make sure you click on the images above to jump directly to the highlights of these weddings and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and venues… you can also follow videoart storytellers on facebook for some amusement!

images: carlos ferreira (click on the images for the videos)
update: i found out that the links for the videos are not linking correctly from the images, so click on the caption links.

ps1. and for more national talent and charm, you can always click through the local markets page and follow us on facebook as well!
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    • oh yes, he just rocks!!! he is a master in telling love stories…

  1. Foi das primeiras decisões que tomámos: ter o Carlos como videógrafo no dia do nosso casamento.
    Ainda não vimos o resultado final mas SEI que vai ser perfeito. Porque o Carlos trabalha com o coração! Quando estamos com ele, sentimos que nasceu para fazer filmes e contar histórias de amor. E quem faz da sua vocação o seu dia-a-dia só pode mesmo ser uma pessoa feliz!

    • ora exactamente!!! quem faz com paixão, faz com enorme qualidade e faz o melhor que pode para ver os outros sorrir!! e é como dizes, só pode ser uma pessoa feliz!! beijinhos teresa!

  2. I’m slowly getting a little into the idea of filming things in stead of using photography so this was really great inspiration :)

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