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hello there my friends! how are you doing? to be honest i was so anxious for this day! remember this chocolate cake? well, i’m now revealing where this cake is from and adding a new delicious place on the lisbon’s city guide! i had seen this place before, but it was about to open by then, and i always thought that i should go there to see what was it about. the name was promising landeau chocolate. and this sunday, after having our delicious italian lunch, we stopped by this place for dessert. and then i closed my eyes and nothing else existed. that was the best chocolate cake i had ever eaten. and yes, we do have something in lisbon called the best chocolate cake in the world, yes, it comes from this city and i’ve tasted it and it was really good. i need to bring that here too! but this cake was heaven! but now i’ll let you delight yourself with some images from the place, that is also so amazingly styled… my kind of place indeed!

to begin with, as soon as you put your foot on this store the chocolate smell is quite intense, so by then your mouth starts to water and then you look around at all the precious details and you feel in the right place. we were sitting down in a small table with two old couches and a bench. i asked politely to take a few photos, but i wanted to take photos of every single detail, so even though i had asked for permission i was feeling shy for taking so many photos. we never know when people wonder about the reason and think about something bad about us. but i was discreet enough to capture all these details and emerged into the wonders of deep and intense chocolate like this one. as a photographer and as a foodie, i was in a small piece of heaven!

from what i know, asides from coffee and possibly some other drinks, chocolate cake is their only product and sofia landeau, the author of this amazing chocolate cake, had been exploring another place in lisbon, where she sold this cake. and as she noticed a lot of people came for the cake solely, she started wondering if the cake would be enough for a place of its own. and i believe that she thought right! so all of you my friends that live in lisbon or close, or are coming here on a trip, please do come to this place, it’s going to be so worth it! by the the way, the new york times called it “devilishly good chocolate cake“. still having doubts?

landeau chocolate
lx factory – rua rodrigues faria 103

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  1. Se o bolo de chocolate for tão apetitoso como o sitio que o acolhe, então com certeza que é o melhor bolo de chocolate do mundo! O espaço é qualquer coisa… muito bonito!!


    Maria Leonor

    • eu sei que gostos não se discutem, e corro sempre o risco de não gostar do bolo, mas quase que garanto que vai adorar! :) é uma verdadeira delícia! e como diz, o sítio em si já é o que é :) beijinhos!!!

    • i’m just waiting for you friend! :) i think that counting on your family and mine, we can actually order a whole cake :)

  2. DEFINITELY going to have to try it, haven’t yet found really amazing chocolate cake in Portugal, pastries, to die for, but cake is a bit more of a challenge. Can’t wait to taste!

    • i just hope you like this one my friend, because i honestly think this baby is to die for!!! i crave for a piece of it every single day!

  3. Landeau chocolate cake is simply wonderful. Not too sweet as most of chocolate cakes tend to be. Take it together with a glass of Port wine and you will know what’s it like to be in heaven. Exaggerated? No… not a all!!! :D

    • never tried that, but it got me curious to say the least!!! thank you for the visit and words!!!

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