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well hello there, how are you doing today? celebrating the fact that it’s already friday? yay! so before i start i just wanted to let you know that i’ve published the second set of pictures of the small and intimate wedding i shot back in march. i’d really like you to see those, because both the bride and the groom were so playful, stylish and loving that the results were really charming! and continuing on the wedding topic, we’ll have our last interview about wedding photography. we had jonathan canlas on wednesday, the girls of joie lala yesterday and today we’re having (with a huge honor, i might say) andré teixeira of branco prata.

but first a few words, andré teixeira partners with sofia ferreira on the business, and they combine services of photography, invitations, paper goods, flowers and styling. which means that for the wedding industry this comes out as a killer team! and indeed they are an awesome team. and this time, i also talk about the amazing couple they are, as i’ve met them on the simplesmente branco showcase in lisbon. the truth is i think of these two as rockstars and when i met them, i met the nicest couple, with a huge smile and low profile. and i also believe that this is the key to success, keeping your feet on the ground, while challenging yourself to always step a little further on your dreams. and now, the interview…

1. hello, how are you? thank you so much for being here today… i really admire your work, so it’s really an honor to have you here today! so, to start, a little bit of a story, how did you get here to be a photographer? hi cláudia. let me just say that the honour is all mine! i’m not like some photographers that always wanted to be one since they where born. i discovered photography when i was 18 and studied for 3 long years in an academy here in porto. when i finished my studies and after a 3 weeks internship at instituto europeo di design, in milan, i came back to porto and started to work as a freelance photographer, in a portuguese newspaper.

2. why did you choose to be a wedding photographer? what drives you in this field of work? i started to shoot weddings 10 years ago and i did it for about 3 years. when digital “era” started and being an old school photographer, i decided to stop shooting for a while. and i mean stop. i didn’t take any photos for about 4 years. 3 years ago sofia asked me to take some photos, actually she asked me to do a e-session with her sister and her boyfriend. i enjoyed it so much that gradually i decided to start shooting again. at that point i realized that what i really love is to shoot weddings. to be around people in one of the most important days of their life.

3. what do you consider to be the main keys for a good wedding photographic work? i  obviously can only speak for myself but, i have to say… not to follow any rules, trust my instincts and my eye, let things speak for themselves. be consistent and never give up on quality. oh and a big smile!!

4. what inspires you to make your work, what drives you to create the images you create? lightning, colour, people, emotions, details. i guess i’m inspired by everything around me. and it’s so easy, when you’re doing what you love!!

5. the most beautiful place to host a wedding is… anywhere… as long as it’s outdoors!! for instance… a beautiful field with a mountain in the back… priceless!!

6. now, talking about a more technical point of view, tell me… what equipment do you use? well, 2x canon eos 5D MKII, contax 645 w/ 80mm f/2.0, canon EF 35mm f/1.4, canon EF 85mm f/1.2, canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro, canon 70-200mm f/4, canon Flash speedlite 580EX II.

7. what do you carry in your bag for wedding days? everything plus lots of memory cards and a lot of 120 rolls!

8. what do you consider to be a challenge on a wedding day and how do you face that challenge? when working in portugal…well i have to say the almost constant absence of perfect light. for instance, couples get ready, most of the times, in rooms with little or no natural light! plus we have amazing churches in portugal…

9. what do you do when you get home and start working on your other part of the job? i immediately do backups, then i begin doing some editing and sometimes i choose photos to get published!

10. being a wedding photographer is always a very competitive business, how do you manage to stay focused and stand out from the crowd? well i’m not a photographer that follows the trends of the industry, because i truly believe that a photographer must stay faithful to what he believes. i do what i do for myself and for my clients and try to do my best. that’s what they can expect when they hire me. i’m not looking forward to be the best photographer in the world but the best for my clients. i don’t wish to win prizes, because i have the biggest one every week. thank you so much for this interview!!

and how about this interview? what did you think? i really love andré’s work and this last session might be one of my all time favourites of his. the soft light, the pastel colours, the details, the use of film… it’s so enchanting and whimsical, that i couldn’t let go of this session to choose which photos i’d illustrate this interview with! portraying people in love is really something and doing it in a beautiful, non contrived way,  looking for the details, for what makes us smile and heart beat faster is what makes each photographer unique. asides from the several lessons we may take from these interviews, there is one thing that pops from all of these, is that in order to be successful, to make people happy and emotional about the final results, to make them thank us for being there and for doing what we’re suppose to do, we need to look within ourselves, instead of looking around to what the “crowd” is doing.

i hope you can stop by branco prata’s blog and website! and for more interviews on photography, please explore this page for more insight from other well-known photographers! enjoy and have a delightful weekend!

images: andré teixeira of branco prata (click on each image for more photos of each session)


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    • olá claudia!!! obrigada pela tua visita!! e não fazia ideia de que eras tu a fotografada! pois tenho a dizer-te ainda que és lindíssima, e foste muito bem captada pelo andré! um grande beijinho!!!

  2. Sempre adorei fotografias de casamentos, acho-as sempre tão lindas! Mas não falo daquelas mais tradicionais, falo destas que aparecem actualmente e que são bastante mais descontraídas e genuínas :). Adorei esta selecção!

    • obrigada fiona!!! de facto o andré foge inteiramente ao convencional, e é uma referência em portugal por excelência! acompanhado pela sofia que trata do styling, os casamentos poderão ter uma imagem tão diferente da habitual, tão mais stylish e fresca! obrigada pela visita!

  3. Embora este post seja maravilhoso estou a comentar para te dar os parabéns pelo teu trabalho e pelo teu blog, descobri este espaço há pouco tempo mas desde então venho regularmente espreitar…
    Também eu gosto muito de fotografia e estou agora a iniciar um blog…
    “A place for Twiggs” é sem dúvida uma inspiração! :)

    • olá joana!!! muito obrigada pelo teu comentário e elogios ao meu trabalho! fico mesmo muito contente com o que dizes e por servir de inspiração!!! e desejo-te muito boa sorte para o teu blog!!! beijinhos!

    • thank you so so much miss lilly, you are also one amazing supporter! ;)

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