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… illustrations on society6. both etsy and society6 have different rules, but the interesting and common bottom line of these two market places is that they work as a community. this being said, it means that whoever has a shop on etsy or society6 can work towards promoting others’ work, hoping that those “others” will also promote their work, as a favor in return, meaning more exposure and chances to get sales! however, while you can create treasuries on etsy, gathering 16 of your favourite products according to a topic or just because, giving the products some exposure, on society6 we can promote others individually through the “promoting tool” and even through comments, just like you do on facebook, when you like something very much.

those comments others leave on your work, will actually make your work jump to the top of the list, giving it much more exposure, allowing others to see your work again, therefore they can also promote and comment. just like on etsy, if you do this often, chances are others will do this too on your work. so you both win. this also means effort on putting up a shop and making it work, but it’s so worth it! and though on society6 there are a lot of photographer friends, i also met some artists that are extraordinaire at a different art – illustration. so today, i wanted to share my favourite illustrators on society6!

1. voyages over edimburgh 2. lucky shot

david fleck is an architecture student from the uk, he blogs here and his work is very textured and appeals to older times and vintage illustrations. the edimburgh print makes me think of phileas fogg and his journey around the world in 80 days and i love that! next we have sandra dieckman, which for me is definitely one of the most talented women on society6. her work is diverse and though it can be really different within each piece of her work, you can look into her pieces and know that it has her name on it. sandra is a london based illustrator and you can explore her portfolio here!

1. white bison


1. fuego inicial 2. montañas 3. en la espesura

 last, but not least, we have gabi piserchia, who i found out about a few weeks ago and fell deeply in love with her small traces and details on her drawings. she wrote this about herself “gabi piserchia is a fashion designer and artist, from argentina. her works transmitted a special sensibility, the final result is a peaceful, feminine and a little nostalgic work, using desaturated colors, patterns combinations and natural elements.” and indeed these are the feelings… nostalgia, peace, serenity. you can view more of her work here!

ps. today is a great day to sign up for the shops newsletter, as news are coming on your way!


    • hello my friend! yes, definitely! society6 has been really a nice place to sell my artwork! so, though it also requires some work, i’m so happy with it!!! ;) if you need any advice, just let me know! have a great sunday tina!

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