did you know that i’m a lifestyle photographer?

ah, this question makes me smile and laugh at the same time! and i’ll tell you why! first because if you are a frequent reader, it’s obvious that you know this. second, because i have an image right here on the left that says “my work as a lifestyle photographer”. third, because it has been such a fulfilling journey that i couldn’t be happier with the results. fourth, i could not have imagined three years ago that i would be building my photography business, based on a lifestyle approach. that was a mystery for me back then, when i worked as a human resources consultant at a huge consulting firm. i sold my very first fine art print in september 2010, three months after i opened my first etsy shop. one month later i got a message from someone in germany asking to buy one photo from me for a music event. i thought it was a joke at first. on the following week, i had someone in the united states buying 4 fine art prints at the same time and until today i remember the joy of receiving such order.

it’s amazing how little things can build for greater things that come on our way. it’s amazing how since that september 2010, i have opened another three online shops, created another two blogs, started my business as a lifestyle photographer, and accept now and then web-design projects. and everything started with a little point-and-shoot from canon and a huge love for photography, and now this love has grown more than i ever imagined, my knowledge has developed on a large scale and i’m buying professional equipment.

so this was another way of sharing with you how blessed i feel, though i still feel that i’m running against time, to see if i can put myself up on my two feet, making a living out of this lifestyle photography business on time. and also to share that if you like my work and have been following me through this blog, no matter where you live, i can be there for your moments. either if it’s your children you would like to have on a session, or your wedding, your small ceremony with just a couple of friends, your pregnancy, you and your friends, just you or your pet, i’m here for you.

one of my favourite quotes is “love is all around”, because in a world that lives so fast, emotions and love need to be praised. and through my camera, i can keep those memories alive. i can make you smile when you look at your pictures and that is a promise! i love to play with the light, specially the golden light from the sunset. i love to create dreamy images like if you lived in a world that doesn’t exist, but it’s close to possible as you can imagine.

i’ll be there for you no matter what, to capture what’s important in your life, what really counts, what makes you go on! and this is my mission as a lifestyle photographer. to capture your special moments through your life, so that when you’re really old and look at those pictures you can close your eyes and relive all those emotions again, like if they had happened just the day before. so share your ideas with me, and let’s create a story together! share your crazy dreams and let’s make images about those dreams and share them with the world. don’t be shy, i want to be part of your story, your life story.

all images by twiggs photography


  1. I think you deserve all the good things that came your way and so much more. And I am sure time will be kind and things will settle down, and when looking back two-three-ten years from now, you’ll be smiling.
    Have a great rest of the week!

    • thank you so much anka, those words were really good to read!!! i so hope that i’ll be smiling in a few years from now looking back at my journey and all that has been accomplished! have a beautiful day!! and may good things come in your way as well!

  2. I have always wondered whether you did study photography at some point in time? it’s just that I think your photography is great, and it seems from your profile like you started of with psychology. Must be so great to do what you love so much that you gradually become so good in it and that you can do it professionally even without the needed education. Oh, I hope that I will some day :)

    • well, there you go, no studies here, at least on a formal way. i did graduated in psychology and really enjoyed what i did, some things more than others, since i left college. and it was a good journey as well, allowing me to learn so much and to meet so many fabulous people and some really good friends! but it does feel good to do what i love! and to learn something every day! i hope i can take some pictures of you one day too!!! ;)

    • I will definitely stroll in the streets in Lisbon next fall, so who knows… Maybe you will :)

  3. You already know this, but I have a huge admiration for you, for all you’ve managed to achieve. You make one of my favourite quotes become true: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. (Walt Disney)”. Sometimes all we need is to dare to do it, to dare to risk it, and it’s amazing how much you have grown and how more and more people recognize you for your talent. I’m fairly sure that 1 year from now your projects will even be bigger and I’m happy to know that and actually watch you grow in this important journey of yours.
    Nothing is better than wake up every morning with a smile because you live with those you love and work by doing what you love. This is living, a dream that can be real :)

    • oh miss lilly, you are indeed one of my biggest supporting friend! and your favourite quote is a fabulous one too!! yes i took the plunge, but of course i took it when i really had no other choice, but to take this chance now. it would be now or never i think! and i just wish that i had started sooner! i hope that, like you say, one year from now, things will be going different as in greater! :) thank you again for your constant support, it means a lot!

    • and i thank you for the support and for taking the time to leave your comment!!! ;)

  4. Obrigado pela inspiração…
    Da´-me imenso gosto ver o teu talento aqui, e como cresceste ao longo deste tempo.
    Continua assim.. Continua a inspirar-nos com o teu talento, e confesso que como aspirante a fotografa tu és uma inspiração .


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