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hello there girls & boys, how are you doing? having a great time or really hard work this week? for me it has been a little of both, but ok, i assume that hard work has taken place more often! but we’ll go away on the weekend to be with mr twiggs parents at their beach house, so i’ll have time to relax and enjoy this amazing sun that has been delighting us all! so, what am i bringing to you today? something really girly and though i’m not a fashion victim, there are a few things that i absolutely love, but as i work from home, i don’t really dress up (just something casual as i need to walk mr kobe) or use accessories or even put on any make-up. and as i’m saving for this and usually spend the little money on this, i don’t have more money to spend on the girly aspects of life. i think i’m boring! ah! but today, i’ll share what makes my heart beat faster and smile like i’m seeing something really amazing! striped bags! hello? who invented this gorgeous pattern? and then i also lose my mind on triangles and large bags!

so who creates these? missibaba on etsy, or more appropriately chloe townsend. let’s see what is this all about!

“missibaba is a luxury accessory design label established five years ago by leather aficionado chloe townsend. passionate about south africa and supporting local industry, chloe opened her studio in the heart of woodstock, cape town, where she could surround herself with the best crafts- women in the country. combining technical skills learnt at the london college of fashion with an inherent passion for uninhibited creativity, chloe created the inimitable missibaba brand. a playground for all things leather, missibaba continues to experiment with texture and colour continuously pushing the boundaries of imagination.”

though i’m not actually a leather lover, i do love these patterns and designs. give me a large tote and i’m an happy girl! and stripes or triangles also make me quite happy as well! so, even not being a fan of leather, i appreciate these details like leather handles. i think they get this relaxed look, but also a very tough one, like “you can take me everywhere, put everything inside and i’ll handle it and still look good!” and that for me is quite a statement for a bag!

1. bag o’booty tote 2. bag o’booty tote 3. pouch in bright fuschia 4. tote and pouch blue stripes set

and then there is one other thing, summer calls for different bags, calls for totes, large totes so that we can take ourselves to the beach and still look good with our things! and though i’m not one of those organized girls that has an organizer for the bag itself, i do enjoy these small clutches. i’m always falling for one to put my make up on. you can find more about missibaba on their etsy shop and website, they are quite known in south africa and they are about to travel to london for a showcase! and this was it for today! tomorrow something really juicy is coming up!

images: missibaba (click on image/caption for further details on the products)

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