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hello there lovely friends! how are you doing and how has the week started? first of all, i have to thank you for all the kind messages regarding my last post. this has become frequent, but from time to time i feel the need to share what’s going on here, and sometimes it’s not always good things or pleasant moments. other for one reason or the other, and though i believe that blogging should be about a good mood, inspiration and stories, i also want this to be real and the truth is that reality has its so-so or down moments as well. the good thing is that whenever i write something that is more personal than the usual, i know that i will reach some of you, because you feel related to what i wrote or just because you are that good friend that takes the time to write a few nice words. and if you blog like me, you’ll know that this means so much to whoever is reading what you wrote. and now good things (no, not any news from my laptop or hard drive, neither have been saved so far, because no one called yet), but a good and beautiful design blog from the uk, that actually comes from norway!

images: nordic bliss via boligpluss

“my name is marianne and i was born in norway a few decades ago. when it comes to style i have stayed true to my roots as my fascination with the nordic style and scandinavian design won’t seem to go away despite having lived in the uk for almost 5 years now. i am married to a tall, blonde and blue eyed swede and my mother is danish. so i’ve covered scandinavia pretty well! we have opened a little web shop that will be selling nordic brands that are not so well known in the uk yet.”

images 1 & 2: nordic bliss via maritz vita skrin, images 3 & 4: nordic bliss shop

you know i have a thing for scandinavian blogs and general nordic style blogs that often are written in a language i don’t speak, nor understand a single word. but fortunately this is no the case! nordic bliss is written in english by the lovely marianne and it’s filled with beautiful and clean images exactly inspired in the nordic style and scandinavian design. she  shares bits of her own home, but she also shares the work of other artists that she admires, blogs that she reads (i actually got hooked to this one, because of her suggestion), diy projects and so much more!

images 1, 2 & 3: nordic bliss shop

as marianne stated, they opened a little web shop and my, oh my, it’s filled with gorgeous objects, textiles, accessories and furniture! i think that i might be successfl if i ask her to open a second shop here in portugal, because i know a lot of people who would love some of her things at home! though we are much more latin, appreciate colours and our homes have much more sun, because we’re located almost in the south of europe, we do appreciate all this clean look and straight lines. but it’s curious because i found several objects on their shop that actually made me remind of morocco, like this tray, these bowls and this candle holder. and i must confess that my favourite is this lamp!

so if you are in need of some new blogs to read, some spring design inspiration for the next weeks, i’ll suggest going through nordic bliss! marianne is a very nice lady and will inspire you for sure! have a lovely day my friends!

p.s. have you been following my film adventures?


  1. Hello dear Claudia,

    have a nice new week bringing lots of solutions & positive things along its way!
    I wanted to pass by to share that Mervi, a darling reader of yours visited over thanks to your link on your last post & couldn’t help feeling so happy about it.
    Despite the post being focused on life’s difficult sides, it already brought a smile… and then I kept reading detailed the other responses and felt so touched by all of them… Support is indeed a precious thing, in whichever form it comes.

    And since I came to find a new post here, I do love both Marianna’s personality {as seen through her on line existence + communication } & distinct sense of style! Her shop is indeed a Bliss! A Nordic bliss ; )
    I could spend a little fortune there but this no time for such thoughts ; )

    Hope your Monday started as positively as the beautiful pictures you chose to post.
    Take care Lisbon girl! xo

    • hello sweet girl!!! thank you for your smiles! i knew you’d like this post, because i noticed your blog on her blog list, an i also knew that you’d love her style! she’s really sweet and one of those bloggers that after reading a comment of mine left on her blog, took the time to explore my blog as well and leave nice words here and there! and so today i had to mention her, because her blog, like you say, along with her shop, is a bliss! :) thank you again for visiting! and an email to you will come right away!! have a great day!

  2. ohhh but it’s all about sharing a little bit of life, and life has it’s ups and downs, thank you for sharing it with us really. Hope you feel better and with vibrant good energies, we all need it. You know, it’s just so easy to like you and really care about what you feel, because you are so passionate about everything you do.
    This post just made me smile actually, it’s amazing the light you have in all photos, and the decoration it’s so minimalistic, beautiful, thank you for sharing.
    wish you a great sunny week ahead :)

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