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hi there you all lovelies, how are you doing today? are you starting this new week in a rocking way? mondays are such wonderful days (don’t you give me the eyes lady!), i know that for some of you, mondays are not that wonderful and actually end up being really tough, but i see mondays as a start of something new as every friday i unconsciously make a balance of how well (or not) the  week was. so though there is this bittersweet taste on sunday evenings, i do like mondays! and talking about sundays, let me share what i did yesterday, because it has to do with the post today!

actually let me share something first that all of you concerned with time management may want to know. i’m on flickr and i love blogs, no news there! but how do i manage the time to do everything and keep up with the blogs i love and the photographers/friends whose work i follow on flickr? i discipline myself into these task once a day/week. every single morning, while i’m having my breakfast comfortably sitting in front of the laptop, i go through the streams of my friends on flickr. and during weekends, from friday evening to sunday i catch up on the blogs. and yesterday i was catching up on this blog and thought that this lady really deserved a spot on this blog here! let me introduce you to rachel… she comes all the way from seattle.

rachel writes and creates and sells what she creates! she a lover of cats & dogs (i always loved this about people!). she studied graphic design, worked in a large branding firm and then took the leap of faith with her jewelry shop named elephantine. she creates simple jewelry pieces that reveal the sense of moderness along with a twist of classicism.

lucky in turquoise

rachel’s blog is not just a blog where she shares what she has been creating, promotions and general information about her work. she shares a bit of her work, but also her life, her photography, her vision about what she finds along… and her challenges. and as she is this great photographer, which has also started exploring her skills in film photography (another reason for me to love this place), it’s a really beautiful & visual blog to visit.

minimalist silk & gold necklacefortune gold pendant necklace, tiny gold stud earringsfrida beaded bracelet

asides from the blog and the jewelry shop, rachel also started another shop, called mignon kitchen co. which “carries a selection of curated goods for prepping, baking, serving, and sharing food, from everyday tools to little indulgences. ” if you love to cook, this is also a delightful place to visit and to shop (again… check the photography! i simply adore that photo with the tiny bottles and rain on the window). if you read her blog, she also shares recipes from time to time and short stories, as one of her dreams is to write a novel. and a special treat for those who love cats, yesterday i laughed as hard as i could when i read this post about her cat, rufus. i swear it was like visualizing every single sentence! enjoy elephantine, rachel & mignon! and we’ll be back tomorrow with more beauty!

ps. have you been enjoying the latest posts on film photography? i’m really excited for going back to film. it’s such a treat and an adventure!


  1. Descobri esse blog à relativamente pouco tempo e tb gostei imenso! desde as receitas a todos os outros pormenores é tudo amoroso! Boa sugestão :)

    • obrigada! é uma delícia mesmo! já conhecia o trabalho da rachel há algum tempo, mas às vezes descubro blogs e não os adiciono ao reader logo e acabo por perdê-los de vista! mas este não me escapou!! beijinhos!

    • so your style my friend! i know you’ll like her style a lot! minimalist pieces with elegant details!

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