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hello there my friends, how are you doing today? we are already approaching the weekend again, have you noticed that? time does fly around here! how was your valentine’s? did you celebrated love? today i bring you something that i sure appreciate more than receiving flowers, though i love flowers… i just don’t care much about receiving them as a gift (don’t ask me why, it’s just not my thing!). but if someone surprised me with some balloons, not just any balloons, these balloons…

geronimo balloons is a company that bets on happiness and joyful moments. really! you just need to read some words on their about page to get the feeling that they love to see you smile!

“geronimo! was founded by certified balloonatic and master balloon-trooper, jihan “jihanimo” zencirli, as a way to celebrate friends’ and families’ lives in her hometown of seattle in 2010. on any given day, jihan could be seen arriving to a restaurant, birthday party, friend’s home, park, art gallery, library or boutique with her balloons fastened to her 1974 (yellow with matching saddlebags and whitewall tires) french moped, drawing attention and delight from every person she zipped past. eventually “the balloon girl”, as she was soon known, decided that it was time she shared the bliss of balloons with people of los angeles.” and so she did!

you can meet jihan here, and you can listen to her story! people would really follow her, because of the balloons! what a great story, mission and business!

i think i might a little too late on this (i am late!), but when i celebrated 30 years, i would have loved 30 balloons (maybe that’s a bit too much?) and nothing else! ok, maybe cake too along with mr twiggs + family + friends! ok, that would have been perfect! and that would be too much, right? 30 of these balloons! but if you’re having a party, or getting married, these might also work for you! can you imagine how elegant a ball room would be with these black & white balloons?

images: geronimo balloons

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