travel stories :: our last day in new york

hello there good friends, how are you doing? did you have a good weekend? mine was very nice indeed and i would like to start by thanking all the kindest ladies that wrote their own personal experiences regarding my last post. this means so much, much more than you imagine! i like to blog for several reasons and one of the reasons is to be able to talk about my own story, for much ordinary it may be. even in the most ordinary stories it’s possible to find some inspiration and if i can inspire any of you to pursuit a better life, a more rewarding one, then i’ll be happy. but this whole thing called life is not only about us and the things we do, but the ones that surround us and are a part of our lives. they have such important roles and need to be present. so, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the short and long messages! all so very much appreciated and personally answered.

and now, let’s move on to another new york story! last week i shared what was my very first day of 2012 spent in new york, and now i want to share with you my last one and of course, a piece of advice! we were going to leave on tuesday, january 4th, first thing in the morning (think 5am in the morning, and us carrying all of our luggage from brooklyn to penn station, from penn station to newark! yay!), so we had monday all for ourselves for some last minute shopping, some monuments (yes, after 17 days we still had things left to see! it’s kind of the issue when you take too many days on one vacation!) and wandering around! so what we did was this…

wandered around bryant park (one of my favorite places) and the library. and do you want to listen a little story? we spent almost three weeks here and i’d say to mr twiggs every single day that we needed to go to the library! and almost every day we’d pass close to it, when were getting out of central station every morning. and so we did go on that last monday in new york! guess what? apparently they close on mondays, so all i got were these photos… from the outside! which is not bad at all, the building is magestic, but come on? 4 times in new york and i never saw the library? can’t even say it out loud! mr twiggs made fun of me all day long!

and then we ended up having lunch at toasties on the 49th, this was one of our favorite places for sandwiches and went for another walk ending up on times square. this is not my favorite place on earth. actually it might be one of those places that i’ll pass, because it’s a little bit too much for me! this was where mr twiggs said that he felt that he was in new york. all the visual estimulation, the music, the stores, the lights, the people, the tourists… so much going on on just one place! it’s kind of amazing and terrifying at the same time! but then we got out of there as soon as possible and headed to the central station area again. we tried to visit the chrysler building (this is another favorite), but it was closed (really?), so he went to brooklyn again to get things packed and get ready for dinner with our friends mari and armando. one last dinner at fornino’s! oh that place! please can i have one special with prosciutto and figs? and a glass of malbec, please? oh i’m starting to miss those days!

that was actually much expected, first there was joy for returning home and now that i’m telling stories, sharing the photos, sharing the experiences, i start to miss it! those weeks were really good! we were so lucky in so many ways! oh and that piece of advice? don’t save something important for your last day… or at least check the schedule, either one should work!

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  1. oHhh I’m sorry you missed the library, it’s a place I would love to visit as well, even on the outside it’s just beautiful and impressive building! As for times square, I feel the similarity to Picadilly Circus in London, I don’t enjoy it, as it’s too crowded for my taste. I prefer other areas of London, where you can discover lots of beautiful places (more cosy ones!).
    I really believe yours are the most beautiful photos I’ve seen from NYC. Gorgeous light in all of them

    • hello miss lilly! thank you so very much for your answer! yes, i think i would feel the same about picadilly circus! notting hill is so much charming right? i feel london a bit like new york, without the very tall buildings! architecture in london is very elegant and charming! :) you live in a very beautiful city! have a lovely day and thank you for your kind words on my photos!

    • ahahaha, yes for sure you have a lot of places! just like i do! i’m still feeling the joy of being at home, but on the other hand, all these sunny days in lisbon make me think about the great feeling of a road trip and i would love to make another one through europe! asides from copenhagen for the obvious reasons, i’ve been thinking about paris! i would love to go back, this time with mr twiggs! have a lovely day my dear… hopefully including a hot steaming bath!

    • hello hannah, so good to see you here! oh yes, new york is a handful of everything you want and wish! i loved new york… and i would definitely go back this spring! just for a change, to avoid summer, that i already know, and winter! now i’d like to wander around without the heavy winter coats! that would be so delicious! have a lovely day! :)

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