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well, this time is actually “drinking with sylvie”! remember who sylvie is? she is one of my contributors here on the blog, for the food topic! i also blog about food, but once a month sylvie of gourmande in the kitchen comes in with a bunch of delicious recipes, that follow one topic chosen by her. the last one before the year ended was not published, because i was away on vacations, and the blog followed a different schedule from the usual one you know. so, when i got back we had one delicious topic to be covered – cocktails! those were meant to be a part of the new year’s celebration, but as i was telling you today, valentine’s day should be any day in which you feel the love and wish to celebrate it! and cocktails may take place in any of these moments, right? so let’s see what sylvie brought for us today, shall we?

apple ginger calvados cocktail from sylvie of gourmande in the kitchen – each season has its flavors, each holiday its traditions and every occasion its cocktail.  celebrate love with a little zing in your glass from a hit of fresh ginger and the crisp flavor of apple and calvados.


pumpkin pineapple cocktail from kathryne of cookie and kate – kate shares a pumpkin and pineapple cocktail that was inspired by a drink at pura vida in cleveland.  she tells us it’s sweet, but balanced and like dessert in a glass.


lemoncello cocktail from nancy of a communal table– nancy serves up a fresh and sparkly lemoncello cocktail with a dry sparkling wine.  it’s a light and refreshing way to toast to love!

so there you go, as promised something to celebrate love, a new addition on our recipe list brought to us by sylvie! i hope you have a wonderful and joyful weekend! and hopefully we’ll meet again here next monday!

images: courtesy of each food blogger (click on each image for more details)

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