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or in english something like “girls like you and me”! yes, today this is the name of our feature, but our feature today is not about one project, one business, one handmade thing, but about one person, the one behind this name. today has been quite a busy day and i’m writing this post a little bit later than the usual! mr kobe is dying to go outside, but i really could not go until i wrote this. today is about someone i admire very very much! as i told you previously this feature would not include an interview all the time, because sometimes i just feel like talking about someone, letting you know that this amazing person is out there and without reaching that person, it also serves as a tribute to that person’s work and effort in standing for what that person stands for. usually something really cool and nice! today is about a girl that is exactly like you and me, her name is silvia silva… now who is this girl?

well, on her blog she starts by saying that “i have no plans, only ideas” and she continues saying “i am a girl, one of those that wanders between the grown-up life of a woman and the dreaming mind of a child. this blog it’s me looking at myself and the world through a very small keyhole… with nothing at all, no goals or plans. why? because i like being here.” and to start, i really love this description. she is 34 years-old, lives up in the north, on the seaside coast and has two lovely girls, between the ages of 10months-old and 3 years-old. she is one of those persons that does a lot of things and when we start reading what she writes and about her projects and see what she does, we immediately see someone that really took the plunge for a better life. in 2011 she changed from a monthly paid job to take her own risks and give life to her projects!

so, silvia has a blog (the one called “raparigas como nós”), a shop about hats and things to wear on your head (gorgeous i must add!) with the most fabulous name “choose your own head”, she is a contributor on trendalert and recently launched with two other friends, a blog dedicated to bloggers (the concept works for me!). as you can see, busy girl here! actually i look at her and i think we have something in common, ass we both strive to be on our own and to make our projects and ideas grow, and if they don’t live forever, that’s ok, because they have lived long enough and the time just needed. and think not that she’s doing this alone. no, she has two daughters to help her through the day, and all of you moms know that this might either be true and very ironic, because working from home and having kids is sometimes one of the hardest jobs on earth, or the let’s go for the plain “the hardest job on earth!”, like she says staying at home for work has so much attached, because home is also the source of endless work.

i hope you have felt at least a bit curious about silvia’s work and if you speak portuguese, i hope you feel entertained with her blog, where she shares bits and pieces of her daily life & projects. and if you need a hat, give her a call or just go through her facebook or flickr! either one will work for sure!

images: silvia silva for raparigas como nós/choose your own head (click on the captions for more details)

what is local markets? a community dedicated to the very best portuguese talented & independent artists that strive for an original work and exquisitely executed handmade design & photography. once a week, there will be a special feature for these artists, to spread the word about their talent, to introduce you to new & fresh work. local markets is an original feature from a place for twiggs. you can read more about this feature here and join the facebook page for news on this feature!


  1. Too bad I don’t understand Portuguese (except for “Nossa, nossa, Assim você me mata, Ai se eu te pego, ai ai se eu te pego” XD) but this doesn’t prevent me from appreciating her work!
    That headgear is fantastic! My fave is “choose your camera” of course :)

    • oh my goodness, i just laughed by reading your comment! you know that song? that is so good!!!! well, why don’t you try google translator? i follow several scandinavian blogs, mainly because the images are to dye for, but from time to time i actually read what they write, with the help of google! :)

    • XD Yes, that song is well-known in Italy too… It has been in the top 10 songs for a looooooong time.
      My problem with Google Translator is that… it sucks! XD
      But you’re right: looking at lovely pics is enough. In fact I’m already following a German blogger even if I don’t understand a single word.

    • Ainda bem que gostaste Sofia!! :) Foi uma honra poder fazer este tributo ao trabalho da Sílvia!

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