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hello there lovely friends and occasional readers, how are you doing today? have you planned anything special for this carnival day? i’ll be honest, this day is the least important day in the whole year, for me. as a psychologist i’m perfectly aware of the reasons why i don’t like carnival (yes mom, you are the one to blame and the hideous clothes you would make me wear), but as an adult, i just feel like i don’t want to deal with that and i’ll just keep disliking this holiday or celebration, or whatever you want to call it! now, if someone asks me to go to brasil… ok maybe i could make an effort! after all, carnival is in rio, so i might like it there! other than that, i’ll just keep doing what i always do, some editing, some work and in the end, maybe i’ll watch a movie. but first things first, and today i have a local markets guest! yes, this is a team and them come from a different planet! an orange planet! oh no, wait, it’s tangerine, and not orange! today we’re having as our guest planeta tangerina! let’s hear it from them!

can you tell us something about yourself? we are a design and communication studio, and publisher. we are a team, and we like doing what we do. we also like having lunch outdoors, riding a bike, the sea, we like pastéis de nata, vegetable gardens, and writing and illustrating. we like to experiment, to invent and reinvent, and to challenge our young and grown up readers. we like illustrated books, and above all we like making illustrated books.

how and when did it all start? it all started with four friends and a magazine. 4 became 5. 5 became 6, and then 7. the first book emerged, then the second, the third, and today our catalogue has 29 titles (some of them sold out, others have been republished, and there are a few on their way). what inspires you? our day-to-day inspires us. it can be an ordinary working day, a small trip, a picnic by the river, visiting a museum, a concert in the street… or simply talking with friends.

what advice can you give for those small business in our country? being simple, enjoying what you do, having team spirit. keeping up your good mood, and optimism even when you’re having a not so good moment. not putting the cart before the horse, but taking risks once in a while. what do you think would be helpful for those small business in our country? being original and making a difference.

for those who may not understand portuguese, you’re missing the humor on the covers, because the titles are just amazing! i love the adventurous sense on each of them, as well as that philosophy of the simple-things-are-the-best-things, just as the book about chickens. this book (the very first cover you see on the images) is about the other side of the so considered ugly and stupid chickens. they say that the truth is finally shared on this book, because there is much more about chickens than just this! planeta tangerina is one fabulous project and the one that kind of inspires me to keep doing what i do, because everything will follow and will just be ok! thank you much yara for answering the questions and being here today, introducing this amazing project! you can find them on their website, facebook and also read their blog!

images: planeta tangerina composition: twiggs for a place for twiggs

what is local markets? a community dedicated to the very best portuguese talented & independent artists that strive for an original work and exquisitely executed handmade design & photography. once a week, there will be a special feature for these artists, to spread the word about their talent, to introduce you to new & fresh work. local markets is an original feature from a place for twiggs. you can read more about this feature here and join the facebook page for news on this feature!

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