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hello there my friends, how are you doing? did you have a good start this week? after a weekend so relaxing and filled with work at a relaxing pace, i’m trying my very best not to feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done this week! i keep trying to do one thing at a time and not feel the stress, and i avoid that when i try to not think of all the things i need to do after i finish with the thing i’m doing right now. so today i bring you some news!

one is that local markets is back, two is that local markets will be slightly different this year. and what will be different? well, as the new year started i felt the need to think about some changes on this blog, because as i’m a person that enjoys doing several things i need these things to be more flexible. so some features needed to be redesigned, so that they could have that flexibility. local markets was one of the features that needed to change. so i’ll keep promoting other artists, designers, bloggers or even ideas, but there won’t be an interview for every single artist. i need to have the possibility to share those amazing artists i find, without the pressure of having an interview to share. but today we’ll actually have an interview. ah, that’s right! do you know who is here today with us? sonia! sonia is the owner of moldarina. let’s know more about her…

hello there, how are you? so thank you for being here… let’s start with a simple question! what can you tell us about yourself? hello! my name is sónia nunes, i’m 32, i live in a small city in the centre of portugal called pombal with my 4 year-old daughter and my husband. i have a degree in social education. i’m a dreamer and always liked to be free. i’m the person behind moldarina, my handmade textile jewelry brand that fits my way of being.

how did your business start? what made you take the plunge? five years ago i experience the pleasure of creating, after a casual visit at a jewelry supply store. since then i started a self-taught path where i learned to embroider, knit, crochet, sew, among many other things. opening moldarina in 2011 was the outcome of this journey and a turning point in my career, because i decided to dedicate myself full time to this project leaving behind social education.

do you do anything else besides that or is it possible for you to make a living out of your business? i’m currently dedicating myself in full-time managing moldarina and i hope make a living of my textile jewelry.

where do you seek for inspiration? people and their thoughts, relationships and feelings are my greatest source of inspiration.

what do you do to promote your business? what has been helpful? opening moldarina on big cartel and creating a page on facebook were my first steps. i am currently contacting other online sites that promote creative small business like mine. all of these strategies increased my site traffic.

portugal is going through some major financial problems and people feel that hey cannot afford a lot of the things they could in the past, how do you think that will affect your business? the crisis affect all businesses, both in portugal and any other country. i do not think about it. i care about the quality of my work because quality always brings customers.

so what do you think? i love how modern and vintage these pieces are! sonia did an excellent job creating these pieces, because it’s not easy to create something that make you think about something modern and antique at the same time! and finding about these artists is what drives me to keep up with this feature! i hope you keep enjoying local markets! are you following us on facebook? oh and don’t forget to visit sonia on her shop & facebook as well!

images: moldarina (click on each image to find more about it!)


  1. wow I love it! Her work is really beautiful and chique! It’s so nice to see these Portuguese works, we can be so talented and creative! Wish her lots of success!
    And thank you for keeping Local markets, I really love every single discovery you do, it’s always something beautiful and creative and emotive at the same time. I love to find people who are passion about what they do every day, even in hard times like this :)

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