december 6th :: janet hill studio

i have been a little more dedicated to my shops on etsy and society6… mainly because there are so many good things on each of these markets, and also because connecting and supporting other sellers eventually has a positive return on my end. i think it all comes to something simple like “do good to others and good will be done to you!”. and today i decided to share my love for this painter… she lives in canada with her husband, cat and dog and paints… beauty in so many diverse details, mostly feminine and still life. her name is janet hill.

these paintings make me remind of the 50’s and that movie with meryl streep, nicole kidman and julianne moore, {the hours}. i love the softness of the details and the colours… my favorite are these, but the first one is perfect for this time of the year! you can visit janet’s etsy shop {here}, and also explore her {website} & {blog}.

images: janet hill (click on each image for further details)


  1. Yay!!! Love Janet’s work — I fell in love with her work last year and bought several prints that were given as Christmas gifts. I’ve never seen these holiday ones before!! Beautiful. The ones I bought featured dresses and shoes — they were so lovingly painted and you felt they had a story all their own.

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