december 14th :: room6

i never thought about opening a store, actually thinking of such right now in this country might be like suicide. but that does not stop me from dreaming when i find stores that actually look like the one i could have, if i had one. once a few years ago i would talk for hours with a friend about the bakery we could have. of course, none of us was thinking about baking anything, but were thinking about chandeliers, tea and cupcakes, something like the bakery featured on {it’s complicated}. so, when i bumped into this {shop}, i fell in love and secretly wished to open a store.

i loved this video as a presentation of who they are, i loved the message on the door (4th second), i loved the dogs, i loved the handmade things and the main message for the shop “special things for nice people”. i feel nice and special!  and you should visit the online shop, so many delightful things!

{room6} is the store i wish i had… you can also read their {blog}, is filled with news from the store and also bits of their lives, which is the best part, of course!

images: room6 (click on each image for further details)


  1. Yes!!! I also wanna have a shop of my own!!!! Maybe sell the flowers, bread or clothes~ A store of your own, just like a space you can do anything you like!!!!I love it!!!!:D

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