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oh you know my love for scandinavian blogs, right? those that are written in languages i cannot understand, and most of the times google does not even show up to help out a bit… but those amazing images of white rooms, windows with snow… or a daily life in different cities and countries with such a different culture… oh that is enough for me to subscribe and follow and devour their photography. oh how rude of me, did not even say hello! how are you lovelies? did you have a good weekend? i spent a very different weekend from what i am used to, because due to my sickness, that was not actually flu, but something about my liver… i was on diet and still am on diet. which bothers me the most, because i love to eat and being able to eat only grilled things, teas and toasts is driving me crazy. not that i do not like all these things, but i prefer to eat what i feel like and not have to eat something because i have to. but other than that, i am now feeling well thank you! so the blog i have to share with you today is of course, scandinavian… norwich to be more precise.

for what i was able to translate and understand, {fjeldborg} is the name of the blog and it is the name of the house…. built in 1925. ingrid and vidar are the ones living inside this beautiful place, which according to ingrid is always changing. their home was the thing that caught my eye… and i bumped into their blog by reading once again (i read this magazine so many times!) {2 by fryd}, designed by the lovely jeanette lunde of {by fryd}… who by the way has promised a #3! i was once again reading her magazine and i was drooling again over this beautiful house… all white, but filled with pops of colour and the most clever and stylish use of patterns and fabrics. and so i thought “oh well, let me go over their blog and see more!”… and it all started here!

ingrid is a freelance designer and vidar is a web-developer and they both strive for their creative life… inside this beautiful home. ingrid’s office is the perfect example how offices filled with things can look beautiful… and also the perfect example that makes me want to question myself all the time “why does my office has so many things… yet not this beautiful?”

needless to say that ingrid is starting to share her little christmas decorations… and when nature comes inside i am already a fan… and on another mind set completely different, this plate above is making me feel so hungry… and yet, it is filled with food i cannot eat right now!

i know that living in such cold countries would drive me crazy, but i would love the chance to try a few months at the very least… this time of the year must be really gorgeous! oh yes, i am that typical! don’t come on to me with christmas in miami or rio de janeiro with hot temperatures, because i will not fall into those! give me snow, give me santa, give warm rooms inside with warms blankets and cozy meals with everyone feasting inside! and that is christmas for me! you can explore more of this blog {here}… say hello to ingrid for me, will you?

images: ingrid aune for fjeldborg (click on each image for further details)


  1. I absolutely love this home and blog! I think one of the best things about learning multiple languages is that you start to understand more of languages you are not even studying because there are so many similarities! I love to pick up home magazines as we travel and see how many words I can make out as I enjoy flipping through a new design world!

  2. hhhh:D~ I love your blog,although this is the first time I see, but really funny!!I hope something would be different in this christmas too~:D

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