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hello there my friends, how are you feeling? how was your thanksgiving evening? did you spend it wit your family? we do not celebrate thanksgiving, and i actually spent the day feeling sick on my couch devouring gossip girl 4th season, while falling asleep too many times! and today i think i will do the same, but i am feeling a little bit better though! but the perfect thing to make me feel better is exactly what i am bringing you today in order to celebrate the holidays! sylvie of {gourmande in the kitchen} is guest posting again with her amazing recipes collected through the several food blogs she knows and for this month’s topic she decided for… cookies! how perfect is this? let’s hear it from sylvie now, shall we?

“the holiday season is underway, and as we kick into high gear with all kinds of festive cooking and baking, some cookie making is likely to occur.  i know i can’t let the holidays pass by without making cookies.  baking during the holidays is one of the simple joys of the season, and sharing and eating holiday cookies with family and friends is something to look forward to this time of year.  whether you serve cookies at parties, leave them out for santa, share them with family, or offer them as gifts, one thing is for sure, cookies are always part of the holidays!  if you are still deciding what to include in your holiday gift bags or just want something to enjoy with your family or friends at home, here are a few of my favorites from around the web.”

{snickerdoodles} from joy of {joylicious} – cinnamon and sugar make these classic cookies a sure-fire hit.  with crispy edges and chewy centers these cookies are sure to be well received.  and what better way to enjoy some time this season with friends and family than with a large plate of freshly baked cookies and some tall glasses of cold milk?


{double chocolate cookies with ginger and cherries} from sommer of {a spicy perspective} – buttery chocolate dough speckled with dark chocolate chips, plump cherries and crystallized ginger. and a secret ingredient……….shhh don’t tell but these double chocolate cookies have hefty dose of kahlua (mocha liquor) too. sommer tells us that the hint of mocha intensifies the chocolate, the tart cherries and the heat from the ginger manage to balance the cookies.


{matcha and white chocolate cookies} from anh of {a food lover’s journey} – anh writes a beautiful post encouraging us to celebrate the simple things in life every day and remembers a dear friend with these pale green matcha and white chocolate cookies.


{triple chocolate malt cookies} from jessica of {the novice chef blog} – chocolate chip cookies are an american classic for sure, and these triple chocolate malt cookies are a deliciously chewy and flavorful twist on the old classic. a combination of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate syrup, and malted chocolate powder makes for a delicious and memorable cookie!


{cinnamon roll cookies} naomi from {bakers royale} – these cookies have a crisp edge with chewy crumb and a soft crackle from the glaze. naomi traded in the soft dough of a traditional cinnamon roll for a cookie crumb and created a unique and utterly irresistible cookie.


{pistachio citrus leaf cookies} from callye at {sweet sugar belle} – for a delicate cut out cookie with a little nutty crunch, callye makes her pistachio citrus leaf cookies, which she discovered a few years ago in one of her most treasured cookie books. happy baking!

and this was it… personally i love cookies, specially chocolate chip cookies, but from all these if i may… my favourites are the cinnamon rolls, i love cinnamon, so these are always perfect for me! and they make me remind of berlin, when i left the train station, the first thing i bought to eat was a cinnamon roll and was delighted! i hope you have the time to explore more of these food blogs, and {gourmande in the kitchen} as well! sylvie has such a good taste for photography and recipes! one of my favorites is the olives {recipe} as i love olives and often choose not to resist them! happy friday!

images: courtesy of each food blogger (click on each image for more details)


  1. What a marvelous array of cookies…I don’t know which one to start with as they all look delectable!

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