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and we are almost on our weekend, my friends! we did it! another week is gone! i have several plans for the weekend, though these actually include some work, as i will be at the craft fair this sunday (yes, this is one of the only three reasons i might actually work on weekends! 1) craft fairs, 2) wedding or photo session, 3) other that might apply), but i am looking forward to it anyway! but before i am gone for the weekend, i wanted to leave you with a delicious recipe by karla diaz cano, our lovely food photographer of {sal y azucar}. let’s see what she has brought us today, shall we?

pear + raspberry frozen yogurt

hey guys! it’s nice to be around here again. i’m here to share my first experience making frozen yogurt! it’s been a while since i wanted to make ice-cream, and i was about to go the old-fashioned way since i didn’t have an ice cream maker, when my mom came to visit me and gave me one as a present. i was so excited, i couldn’t wait to come back home and try out my new little toy. of all sweets and desserts, i like ice cream the best. gelato, frozen yogurt, “nieve” (ice cream made only with water, no dairy), or creamy old-fashioned ice cream; in a cup, or in a cone – i love it in all its forms. this fro-yo is great because it is made with whole ingredients and natural fruits – no preservatives, no colorants, no artificial flavorings.

i adapted this recipe from {tartelette} (i’m a big fan of helene, might i add). it is very similar, except i used another type of pear and added raspberries. the pear tones down the acidity of the raspberry while keeping their nice, tart flavor, resulting in a very interesting, sweet ‘n tart frozen yogurt. it’s great for a mid-afternoon snack, brunch, or even for breakfast – hey, it’s made of greek yogurt and fruit – and isn’t that what you top your granola with sometimes?

makes about 1 1/2 pints
you need: 
2 bartlett pears
1 1/2 cups greek yogurt
3/4 cup raspberries
1/2 cup sugar
pinch of fine sea salt

to prepare:
1. peel and chop your pear. place with the raspberries in a blender and puree until smooth. if necessary, add a little bit of water.
2. in a large bowl, combine the puree with the greek yogurt, salt and sugar. refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
3. if you have an ice-cream maker, prepare according to manufacturer’s directions. serve immediately or store in an air-tight container for later use.

if you don’t have an ice-cream machine and still want to give this a go, you can definitely take the old-fashioned route. i love david lebovitz’s method. for that, skip step #3 and follow these instructions:

3. pour your mixture in a bowl or baking dish made of stainless steel and place it in the freezer for about 40 minutes.
4. when it starts to freeze in the edges, take it out of the freezer and stir vigorously, using a hand-held blender (best option), whisk or spatula. place it back in the freezer.
5. keep checking every 20-30 minutes, removing it from the freezer and stirring again until ready. this will take about 3 hours, depending on the temperature of your freezer and the consistency of your mix.

so, there you go – frozen yogurt with an ice-cream machine or the old-fashioned way. i hope you enjoyed this recipe, see you back here next month!

ok, it might be cold, but ice-cream or frozen yogurt  or anything else similar is never something to say no to! and these colours? whow! i love when i see these recipes so light, creamy and coloured at the same time! and greek yogurt is my favourite as well! you might as well get to know more about karla through this {page}. she is also waiting for you on her {blog}! have a nice weekend!

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  1. It also works doing it the jamie oliver way. Preparing the fruit and freezing it chopped, then puree everything with the blender before serving. Instant frozen yogurt! :)

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