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one of the questions about lisbon i receive most of the times on my email is about places to eat and to shop. and as i know that i have not been featuring any of these places that much, i thought i could start by one of the most adorable and cozy places i know… to have brunch… a cup of tea… or coffee… last weekend i was there with a particular task, but we ended up having brunch, because we were both starving and their brunch table is so delicious! here are some details from this fabulous place…

and yes, these prints are mine… more on that later… i do not have one image that captures the whole space (oh, my head!!!), but all these details are charming, i will bet that you are agreeing with me, right?

{café na fábrica} is owned by two lovely girls, one with a more romantic side, and the other one that sees magic in old and vintage objects. i think that romantic + vintage makes a wonderful match! this was one of the first places in lisbon with brunch, which soon became a strong trend around the city, with several places offering brunch as well! however, this one is located in {lx factory} and for that… they had me from the beginning! the mood is so cozy, it almost seems you are at your granny’s home… especially when you taste the homemade cake!

{café na fábrica} is a coffee house, that serves food and drinks, all day long. asides from a very cozy indoor room, you have a fresh outdoor little space to enjoy as well…

you should see this at night, with all the light bulbs on… a beautiful outdoor space! perfect for summer mostly… but who knows? with a blanket and a hot tea? and now the news… as you saw on the pictures, there are several prints from {twiggs’ photography} and the reason why they are there, is because carolina, the co-owner, invited me to exhibit my work there. so you are invited to this cozy place for a cup of coffee and surround yourself by lovely prints.

and with this i wish you a delightful tuesday! i hope to see you around tomorrow… perhaps for a cup of morocco tea? it has been my favourite these past days!


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  2. Obrigada Cláudia por palavras tão docinhas…
    Fico feliz de poder passar um pouquinho da nossa alegria… Dedicação… Amor…

    O Café na Fábrica é mesmo isso… Uma casinha encantada =)

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