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and as we are reaching the weekend… i will leave you with some delicious recipes, perfect for this season, as they all have pumpkin! these recipes are brought to us by the delightful sylvie of {gourmande in the kitchen} and you can read more about her {here}. let’s see what she has to say about this month’s roundup!

“it’s autumn and pumpkin, faintly sweet and deeply satisfying, is finding its way to our tables again as it does each year.  for me the appearance of pumpkins signals the upcoming holidays around the corner and the cozy feeling that they bring.  the best part is the lovely smell of those spices that usually accompany this season like ginger, cinnamon and fresh nutmeg. 

soon we will be knee-deep in sugar, stockpiling cookies and other treats for holiday gift-giving.  until then, enjoy these unique pumpkin recipes to get a jump start on the holidays.”

{pumpkin butter} by cheryl of {tidy mom} – cheryl tells us “if you’ve never had pumpkin (or apple) butter before, it’s a sweet, thick spread that is lavishly spiced and perfect to use you like you would a jam, on top of toast, ice cream, or my favorite… mixed with yogurt and granola.” sweet pumpkin warmed up with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg is the best of the holidays in a jar!


{sunday soup: pumpkin, coconut & lime} from mike of {verses from my kitchen} – one of the best things about the cool fall weather is going back in the house to warm up and get cozy with a nice bowl of soup.  mike tells us this is the kind of soup that helps relax, unwind and regroup. sounds like the perfect meal for a rainy day.


{bite size pumpkin funnel cake crispies} from kristen of {dine & dish} – who doesn’t love fried batter, especially when it’s sprinkled with sugar and eaten warm?  kristen makes hers with pumpkin and fries them until golden and crispy giving funnel cakes an autumnal update.  What a great way to use up leftover pumpkin puree.


{pumpkin pie tart with almond crust} from marla of {family fresh cooking} – this traditional fall pie is often served as dessert for thanksgiving.  it generally has a plentiful amount of sugar, butter, and white flour – until now. marla has created a gluten-free, grain-free and sugar-free version that not only looks amazing it can stand in as a pre-meal workout.  as marla says “pie. as. power. bar.”  sounds like a plan to me.


{vegan pumpkin oatmeal cookies} from chinmayie of {love food eat} – not just any pumpkin cookies, chinmayie tells us these are vegan and super healthy oatmeal pumpkin cookies. they are soft and chewy, somewhere between a muffin top and a chewy oatmeal cookie.  and they are made of ground oats, ground flax seed and have just 2 tablespoons of olive oil in them so they are perfect for a quick bite with your morning coffee! 

pumpkin! how sweet and so typical of this season! but it is interesting because around here, we mainly use pumpkin for soup and then during the holidays some bake a typical pumpkin fried cake, called {filhós}. i love these so much, but i actually love the carrot ones more. but if there is a sign of christmas at home for me, is the sweet flavour of these pumpkin (or carrot) fried cakes in the air. well, now asides from these, i have all these brought by {sylvie} to inspire me! happy friday!



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