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hello there dear friends, how are you doing? i have been having one of the most distracting mornings in history! have you ever felt like this? i bet you did! but let’s move on to what is really important today… {local markets}! it is interesting, because i have been more and more interested in wedding and party-planners, basically because photography plays an important role on both situations, and i have been connecting with several small businesses that are growing exactly in these fields. and it has been quite interesting to realize that in portugal, these businesses start to become popular, as people also realize that having someone organizing your party is not the same as if they did that for themselves. and with this i shall introduce the party-planners… {de alma e coração}.

hello there, how are you? so, can you tell us something about yourself ? we are rita and rute and since we met, we noticed we had something in common. full of projects in our heads, our conversations were always about creating. we studied different areas, but it was easy for us to join them based on our dream, once rita is a graphic designer and rute an elementary school teacher, creativity and
sensitivity are always present in our projects. the first time the idea came into our minds, we were organizing rita’s birthday party
and at the end of day/night, besides tiredness, we looked at each other with a smile on our faces and said “one day we will have a party organizing project”, one month later we were organizing our first {de alma e coração} party.

how did your business start? do you do anything else besides that or is it possible for you to make a living out of your business? when we were creating the concept, image, website, etc. it came out through a friend who has a biological project, the opportunity to organize our first birthday party which made much sense, because it has everything to do with our philosophy. it happened at a biological farm where the environment speaks for it self, healthy food, nature and party were the key to start. once we started, different customers of
different fields came out and {de alma e coração} was officially “in the market”. at the moment rita works has freelancer graphic designer and rute is a elementary school teacher, this is a newborn project but we have a good feeling that in the future
it will be what we will spend more time with.

where do you seek for inspiration? since long time ago, internet was a great source of inspiration even before we thought about starting this project. in each party our inspiration is the place where the party will happen and the story that the customer and we want to tell to the guests.

what do you do to promote your business? what has been helpful? we promote our concept speaking about it, sharing it with friends and people because we believe spreading the word is the best way to get it known. obviously internet is also a very important way to share and bring out our project and we do it through our website/blog, facebook and lots of posts. our website/blog has also a diy area with tips to inspire our followers, because besides our services, we also want it to be a consulting blog  where we provide tools, invitations templates… inspiration. what we want is also to share knowledge and make it become a place where you can take suggestions to a party decoration and where people can ask for our help if there is something special they would like to have in a party.

what advice would you give for those small business owners/design-makers in portugal? do it with the heart, every project that come from the heart are successful!

as everything in general, everything will taste better if it looks good… it will be better if it beautiful… if we are surrounded by beautiful things… and we feel happy about ourselves, it will be so much easier to feel happy about other things as well. we will smile more for sure! and smiling is a fabulous and delicious way to spend our days and connect with others. you can explore what these ladies are up to {here} and {here}!

images: de alma e coração

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