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so, as promised, i would be back with some food… some recipes brought by sylvie from {gourmande in the kicthen}. and today’s subject is something i fancy very much. actually when mr twiggs moved in and he started to eat more of what i cooked (he does not cook at all!), he asked me if i had any italian roots, because almost everything i cooked had it of one way or another. for those who are into mediterranean food this is one unavoidable ingredient. i am talking about tomato. so let’s hear it from sylvie & tomatoes!

“few can deny the unique pleasure of in-season tomatoes picked right from the vine, and now is the time to enjoy them because as the days start to grow cold these juicy specimens will start to disappear. here are a few recipes that celebrate the tangy, bright and flavorful tomato.  relish them now before they are gone.

{vodka infused cherry tomatoes} by lisa of {with style and grace} – cherry tomatoes are marinated in vodka and then dipped in a variety of sea salts for a very easy but elegant appetizer.  lisa tells us not to worry though, your guests won’t be getting drunk off of these!


{bloody mary popsicles} by naomi of {bakers royale} – tomatoes make an unexpected appearance in these bloody mary popsicles. naomi says “there’s something very exciting about having a popsicle hit your tongue with a surprising turn of savory and spicy instead of sweet and fruity.”


{hearty tomato soup} by sukaina of {sips and spoonfuls} – sukaina suggests serving this hearty soup with some crunchy garlic bread on the side and a sprinkling of fresh herbs. 


{zebra tomato and burrata crostini} by gaby of {what’s gaby cooking} – beautiful zebra tomatoes and creamy burrata together are a simple pleasure.  gaby finishes these crostini with a drizzle of olive oil and some flaked salt. 


{polenta with fresh tomatoes and parmesan} by sylvie of {gourmande in the kitchen} – a pile of juicy fresh tomatoes dressed with garlic and basil tops a loose creamy polenta waiting to be finished with a handful of parmesan or a few parmesan crisps.

and what about you? do you like tomatoes? are you looking forward to try any of these delicious recipes? i confess that those two first ones seem to be extremely original and delicious! but the soup and polenta also caught my eye! thank you so much sylvie for gathering these interesting recipes for us… and of course, thanks to all the ladies that allowed their photos to be used for this feature! if you are curious about sylvie and what is this feature about, you can read {here}!

images: courtesy of all the authors (click on the image for further details on the recipe/original source)




  1. Yum….what beautiful photos and great ideas for tomatoes (which I love)! Thanks for all the hard work you do here…just for us, Twiggs. :0)

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