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if i translated the name of this garden it would be called “star garden”, because this neighbourhood is called “star”, quite interesting, don’t you think? the thing about languages, is that we do not think about the meaning of some words we use on our daily basis. for example, the neighbourhood in which i live in is called “help”… well, that doens’t sound as good as star, right?

well, {estrela} is one fancy neighbourhood. fancy because you have this huge garden, kind of like our central park), nice schools around, the basilica, and mostly because being a typical neighbourhood is right in the center of lisbon, yet it has such a calm life. this garden is for sure the meeting point. asides from huge… it is wide enough for everyone do whatever feels like, at ease. you can sit and read your book, newspaper… listen to your music… jog, walk your dog… feed the ducks… play some soccer… listen to some live music, eat something… and even buy something, because craft fairs and antique fairs take place here as well, from time to time!

outside the garden and if you go to your left, you will see the basilica, which is pretty famous around here… i was never inside actually. the building’s architecture is stunning and so powerful. several important events take place in this church, even though i think the most known ones are actually funerals of famous people.

though completely ruined, this little street stand, that once had a life, though looking like this, it is easy to see through all this rust and see its beauty. the details are truly amazing! and then almost arriving at the governmental assembly building, you have this (look below!)… oh this light blue building is such a dream! look at the last floor windows… its colour… by spring those trees are filled with lilacs… and the whole street has trees on both sides, so the view is magnificent!

and as i have been receiving quite a few emails asking for places to visit, to eat and to shop, i might write some posts with that information, what do you think? if you were planning a weekend in lisbon, what information would you like to know beforehand?

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  1. Well, I’d asked (as I did) for places where to eat and – because I do trust your taste – for vintage/craft/stationery shops and fairs. Thanks again for your help!

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