friday i am in {love} with…

…date night outfits! ok, but first a little bit of info over here about date nights and cultural differences. for what i’m concerned, here in europe, or just portugal, i’m not quite sure, we don’t have that “date” thing going on! well, here as we usually say, regardless everyone’s tastes, we say we go out for a cup of coffee! or we go out for dinner… or the movies… we don’t call it a date! well, i think it feels like a date when we start seeing someone for the first time. and when we are already with someone, going out for whatever we want to, we don’t usually dress up for the occasion. so, this is also a way of explaining to my dearest american readers, why i have boyfriend trousers in the middle of this cute polyvore set, when i started saying i was in love with date night outfits! well, let’s say that i am not a fashionista at all, but a very simple gal! yesterday we went out for dinner, just the two of us, to escape all the hard work of the last days, and this would be my outfit, if i could choose (and could afford, for all i care!)

1. diane von furstenberg wool & silk scarf 2. ralph lauren ripped boyfriend jeans 3. dorothy perkins sleeve blouse 4. miu miu leather clutch 5. sandra wedge 6. bcbgeneration indie spirit cuff bracelet

mr twiggs doens’t like necklaces or earrings or rings… well, he likes some of these things, as long as they are very very discreet. i know the bracelet i chose is far from discreet, but hey, mr twiggs is not allowed to have an opinion sometimes! i like the simplicity of this outfit, even though the shoes have a certain lust with the flower details going on. i like the soft colours (that would go pretty well on my still tanned skin!), contrasting with the vibrant pink colour on the scarf. and to match… the leather clutch by miu miu (that’s why i mentioned the afford part above!). i don’t know about you… but i would have felt so happy if yesterday i had gone out looking like this! of course, i was thrilled anyway! this would just add a little bit more of excitement to the “date night”!

images: click on each caption for prices & further details


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