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i am back for the last time this week, and i wanted to be back because i wanted to share something i have been designing in the last days and though i thought about sharing these just next week, after the delicious recipe {watermelon paletas}, i could not resist! so, what i ahve to share today for you to print at home and use, are recipe cards! i tend to not use them… well, until now! i have recipes all over the place, laptop included, but what i wanted was a small corner of my kitchen to put all the cook books, recipes and whatever inspirational idea comes to my mind or find around. maybe with these i designed myself, i will be able to do so! do you want to take a sneak-peek?

though i cook, and love to cook, i wish that sometimes i had more imagination… i often remember my own mother (and relate to her) saying “oh dear goodness, i don’t have any more ideas for dinner!”, then she would cook something really delicious for sunday’s lunch, we would say “whow mom, this is really good!” and we would regret that sentence, because we would have that for lunch on sunday for the next month or two! well, it appears that when we girls grow up, we tend to relate to our mothers more often than we wished (and maybe there is this tiny sense of fear with that feeling! ahah!). so, now i am the one asking to mr twiggs “what do you want for dinner?” before going to the grocery shop and he will give me that exciting answer… “i don’t know, whatever you feel like it honey!”. when are they going to realize that by saying that they are not helping at all??!

so, in order to feel a little bit more motivated to gather recipes, here are the cards + one cute cover! you can save these anywhere you like and still have them ready to help when it comes to cooking time! place them on the fridge for example, or on the stove itself! you can print the cover {here} + the cards {here}. and then if you need more cards… you can print the file again! there are, obviously terms of use, so i ask with all the politeness that is inside of me, to respect those terms of use, or else, i will be haunting you for life (no, i can’t actually do that, but i can hire someone to do it!). happy weekend, dear friends!

terms of use: for personal use only, not for commercial use. please do not edit and/or redistribute these bookmarks without permission from {a place for twiggs}. if you want to mention these bookmarks on your blog, please link to the blog, do not put the file to download from your blog. thank you.


  1. Excelente ideia! E para juntares os cartões todos algo como a caixinha deste DIY: Calendar Journal ou qualquer outra (por exemplo uma caixa de perfumes, uma caixa de garrafa de vinho – individual) para organizar e guardar todas as receitas.
    Bom fim de semana :)

  2. You’re positively bursting with ideas!
    I like it!
    Keep it up. Love how you are increasingly creative each time! ;)

  3. Congratulations! I really think this is an excellent idea! Will we have any monthly post with some new recipes we’ve tried from your cute cards?

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