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no, not even close. well, on second thought, maybe we’re not that far! we all have seen how fast this september is going, so who knows? we can all wake up tomorrow to an even closer november! so… before we hit november, there is halloween to celebrate! actually we don’t celebrate it here in portugal… we have a different tradition that occurs in the following morning, also just for kids, though they do not wear any costumes. there are a few parties hosted that evening though, but that is just because we like to party, whether with our own celebrations and traditions, or anyone else’s. and with no further ado, i am sharing today for free download, a postcard to invite your friends to a party!

the postcard is designed to be folded, but if you do not want it folded, you can choose to print just the inside part! now, the instructions! as happen to forget that my printer does double-sided prints, i printed this in two steps. one to print the cover, the second using the same sheet to print the inside text. you can use the same sheet to print two postcards, as they fit into a a4 sheet. you just need to use the same sheet and turn it around so the printer does its job in the right side of your sheet. after that… fold your card and there you have it! remember to read the terms of use carefully, downloading and printing this means that you read and accepted these terms! i hope you enjoy these and prepare a good nice halloween dinner party! spooooky!!!

download cover page {here} and inside text page {here}.




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