DIY :: a pretty recycled ribbon

hello my friends, how are you doing? it’s friday! it’s here! any nice plans for this weekend? i have plans for today! i will be attending this alternative handmade market, which will be hosted in the botanical garden near my house! and of course, i could not be somewhere else, but there! also because i hope to be shooting with {tia rosa} and her stunning jewerly pieces! and during the weekend, some new work is expecting me, but i am so excited to start this new project, i can’t wait! i will share later, of course! but today, i want to share something else, a new diy project. well, you probably are aware that i try my very best to recycle all i can and use it on my business, mostly to wrap all my orders in a pretty way. from used paper, from handmade {tracing paper envelopes}, to {thank you note cards}, to painted tags & magazine wrapping paper… i try to develop a personal style for wrapping my orders. this week, i found a new one. i had this blouse that did not fit me anymore, and it was ruined on the side. as i have no sewing skills, and as i would not give this for charity on these conditions, i thought the fabric could be used for something else though. let’s see what i did, shall we?

diy project: recycled ribbon

what will you need?
one used piece of clothing
your package

so, what do you think? inside the package was this beautiful {notebook} for a little girl, that had made her order during the handmade market! what a clever idea she had, don’t you think? i will be back my friends!

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