DIY :: tracing paper envelope

ok, i might be doing some more diy projects for the blog. not that i think i am that good at these, but at least i challenge myself to actually create some of the ideas that come to my mind. last week, i told you about {thank you note cards} for your customers or gifts, this time i thought about creating some envelopes for my squared prints out of tracing paper. we use tracing paper in the kitchen for a lot of things, but i actually bought it thinking about some small projects, these envelopes included. so, why tracing paper and why envelopes? because i sell squared fine art prints and i love glassine envelopes. but i don’t find glassine paper that easily, and my envelopes are all suitable for the 5×7 or 8×10 prints, so i needed to create some squared as well! and tracing paper was the closest to glassine…. and maybe a lot cheaper! here are the steps (i know, i know, these projects are really simple, but go easy on me, will you? i’m a newbie here!)

diy project: tracing paper envelopes

what will you need?
tracing paper roll
two leaves
embossing tool

so, what do you think? easy, i know! but it makes my squared prints look nicer! and i always love to prepare a good gift-wrap for my customers! it is a part of the deal i think! and if you need some squared prints… well, i have a few on {a place for twiggs} & {a lomo love affair} etsy shops!


  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to say, I recently came across your blog and have loved reading your beautiful posts & taking a glimpse into your life. All the photos you share are beautiful, and this is such a creative idea.
    Thank you for creating a space that really does brighten my day!

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