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hello there! how are you? can you believe that it is friday already? whow, when did this happen? well, but this is a good thing right? it must be! so in order to welcome the weekend, i will share for the first time a small diy project (i may launch myself in this diy & resources topic a little bit more here, who knows?), what do you think? it is something pretty simple, specially for you that run a small business or even if you love to wrap your gifts and make it personal!

so, as you know when it comes to customer service i am a bit picky. picky with whoever provides me a customer service and picky with myself, to make everything go in the right way. from the smallest detail to the last, i like to make my orders look great and special to that person who believed in my work! so after a little {painting adventure} i decided to try something else to provide a personal customer service and at the same time, to recycle all those magazines i have at home. and as i always write a thank you note to each customer, i thought of this. that and because mr twiggs also might have said that my skills to paint are the same as a 6 year-old, so… moving on… (!!)

diy project :: thank you cards

what will you need?

black paper sheets (heavier that common paper sheets, but not as thick as cardstock)
paper glue
rotative trimmer
old magazines
white paper sheets (to write the thank you on)

1. pick some old magazines, i like the fashion ones because they are filled with amazing ads (this one is from lacoste)
2. cut the black sheet into a suitable size for a thank you note, or some more words. i cut the sheets in several sizes
3. choose the most beautiful magazine sheets and cut them into different sizes that will suit the cards
4. frame the magazine pieces with the black cards (the magazine pieces must be smaller than the black cards)
5. cut the magazine pieces and glue them into the black cards
6. cut a smaller piece of white paper and glue it on the other side of the black card and write your thank you note!

so, what do you think? easy enough and good-looking? i like to send these as it is a piece of me that goes along with the order. since i cannot say thank you in person, this might do the trick!





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