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hello my friends, how are you feeling today? so i am fully back on track now and have so much to tell you and i do not even know where to start. so, first, mr kobe… i missed him so badly! i never thought i could miss my dog that much! i secretly counted the hours until we could be together again. it was not that bad to leave him, as he did not even noticed i was gone, with his friend labrador next to him and all the other dogs barking. the paradise where we spent the most delicious days… well, it is one of portugal’s wonders and it is called berlenga. it is a rather small island, but heaven on earth.

it is a very simple place to be, and as in simple i mean sleeping inside a fortress, no lamp, taking cold showers (or warm ones, but we had to heat the water), there were two bathrooms outside for everyone in the fortress, one room with tv and the light goes out by 1am. there is only one restaurant on the other side of the island, no banks, drug stores, shops, doctors, no atm… one camping zone and one very small place to buy some things you might have forgotten, bread, a cup of coffee or a cake. we watched the boat arrive every morning to see who was arriving to the island and then we would go for a cup of coffee and a fresh cake from land. all you can hear are seagulls and the waves. actually seagulls is the most common thing on this island. and now some pictures from these delicious days… (prepare yourself for some eye candy pictures!)

i guarantee you that i did not spend hours editing these photos to make that water look like this, it was like this. i may have touched a bit here and there, but tried to keep the real colours as they were. after all we are talking about an island that is one of portugal’s wonders, so it is not that hard to believe in these waters. mr twiggs spends his vacations here since he was a teenager and it was my first time there. i was thrilled and completely in love with all the peace and quiet that you feel once you step out of the boat. i carried my three cameras with me, so i will ramble about this for a while. sorry for that! see you in a bit with a lovely interview about {photography}!


  1. Oh wow!! I had heard wonderful things about this place, but they way you describe it (sleeping in a fortress!) makes me want to go tere even more! stunning photos!

  2. E pensar que tudo isto é em Portugal!
    Quem precisa de ir para os Trópicos com este mar?
    Lindas estas imagens. :)

  3. Then you should also try and visit the Deserta island and the St.Maria islands in Ria Formosa, Algarve.
    Also virgin, if you are willing to walk, and beautiful. July is the best time during summer.
    Unfortunately, it’s becoming quite known.

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