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hello there! one question: what is your favourite food for summer? do you have special recipes that you cook just during summer? well, i asked my friend sylvie from {gourmande in the kitchen} to help me with some recipes. she is one wonderful cook… and photographer, which for me, is a great combination! food is really interesting subject… the variety of colours, shapes and combinations make food one an endless topic to explore. sylvie does that in both ways. and has she grew up in france she knows about sitting at a table with friends to eat something… for long hours. that is what mediterranean people do. join friends at a table with food… and if possible, some good wine as well! so i asked sylvie to work with me on this feature about food… every month we shall have sylvie with a delicious round-up on recipes around the web. let’s see what sylvie has to say!

“with summer so close and the sweltering heat on its way, i can’t help but long for icy-cold frozen treats.  from light and fruity to dense and creamy, few things are as refreshing as frozen desserts.  and while ice cream is a perpetual favorite these unique desserts think beyond the traditional ice cream cone.

{frozen strawberry squares}  by amy of {she wears many hats} – crushed fresh strawberries and a whipped topping are combined, then spread on top of a crunchy crust and topped with more crispy crust.

{muscovado semifreddo and roasted rhubarb with shortbread crumbles} by ashley of {not without salt} – the tart flavor of rhubarb and brown sugar are beautifully paired in this semifreddo (a frozen mousse). as ashley tells us this dessert offers “the satisfaction of ice cream without the chilling and churning.

{watermelon mojito popsicles} by naomi of {bakers royale} – the beloved mojito has been transformed into a lickable treat that features a summertime favorite: watermelon.

{white chocolate matka kulfi} by sonia of {my creative flavors} – kulfi is a popular milk based frozen dessert in india.  it’s similar to ice cream, but, unlike ice cream, it’s not whipped, which results in a more solid and dense frozen dessert. this version features both white chocolate and pistachios.

{peony and rose petal ice cream} by winnie of {healthy green kitchen} – subtle floral notes along with a hint of rosewater give this unusual ice cream its unique flavor.

{chocolate gelato} by sylvie of {gourmande in the kitchen} – and for a more traditional option, i always enjoy the rich and intense flavor of this chocolate gelato.

oh well… i agree with sylvie, the rich and intense flavour of chocolate is always my favourite. i may choose other flavours to go with it, but i usually choose chocolate. i cannot resist it! so, what do you think about these {frozen desserts} brought by sylvie?

images: courtesy of each one of the authors (click each image for further details on each recipe)


  1. What a fantastic round-up of pretty summer treats. The warm weather has finally hit us and we’ll be needing some cold desserts to cool us down.

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