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hello there friends, how are you feeling today? we are almost on the weekend! do you have any special plans for this weekend? we will be away at the beach where we usually spend our weekends! this morning i went for a long walk (all morning actually) through another neighbourhood that i want to share with you next week. boy, it was hot! it is good to go in the morning because there are less tourists on bus & trams, but even so… i was not even able to sit. sometimes people may confuse me with a tourist, a sweet old couple walked by me and he leaned over me and asked if he could say something in english (even this question was in english!), i said yes and he told me this “over there there is a flea market every saturday and tuesday!”, i smiled and said “i know, i live here, but thank you!” i have no idea why he told me that, because today is neither tuesday nor saturday… oh well, nice old man anyway! so, today we have another special guest! it is someone that has been here a few times, she is a sweet lady from ireland and she is the new artist that is showing her support for {a place for twiggs}. her name is éadaoin and she is also a photographer, asides from blogger as well! she is the lady behind {city of blackbirds}.

hello there! how are you feeling today? tell me… who are you? hi there, my name is éadaoin.  i’m a 20-something living in dublin, ireland who’s passionate about photography, music and blogging.  i keep two blogs: {city of blackbirds} and {blackbirds & shell}.  today i’m feeling pretty sleepy after a late night cooking dinner and chatting with my husband’s big brother and his fiance.

hum, it must have been quite an interesting evening… now i have a few questions that might be challenging! what are you proud of? i’m proud of everything i’ve achieved to date, i’ve come through some difficult times in one piece!  currently i’m very proud to have gone back to college and passed my exams successfully as well as having made it into one of ireland’s best choirs whom i will begin to sing with in september!

oh my, that is an honor! well, do you know something… i will meet your best friend in a while… what could he/she say about you? my best friend is absolutely my husband daniel.  he says i am a creative, sunny, intelligent person who’s a bit of a perfectionist!

ok, so now imagine that it is 1985… what are you doing right now? i’m only 2 years old, so probably hanging out with my parents and big sister in our house in the country.

in three words… can you describe me your work? colourful, pretty and joyful.

let’s say i am a potential buyer… why should i buy from you? there are photo prints of beautiful paris, delicious cupcakes and macarons or serene scenes from nature.  something sweet to drink in with your eyes,  feed your soul and remind you of the things you love.

and what would be your next step as an artist? at the moment i am working hard to improve my skills with both my camera and post processing, as well as learning the concepts and programmes used in design.  i’m constantly learning and trying to improve so that my work can grow.

what is your favourite piece of art? this is a hard question, i have so many favourite pieces of art!  one that comes to mind straight away is salvador dali’s {meditative rose painting}, i would love to see it in real life someday, so far i’ve only seen it in print or poster format.

quite interesting is also her {about} page in which she explains what is the reason behind the name for her blog (i know that you are curious too!) and how do you pronounce her name… now this one was crucial, because i think i might have been almost a dyslexic, therefore i often skip a letter or two when i write uncommon-to-me names, so in order to remember all the letters in her name, i always pronounce it as it is written, which is really strange! éadaoin also explains what equipment does she use and what are her passions in life! other than that she is also a really nice gal, as she shares a few {downloadable freebies}, which is always such a cool thing to do! and of course, as a photographer… an {etsy shop}! and this was the story about {city of blackbirds}! i will be back!

images: éadaoin via city of blackbirds (click on each image for original source)

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