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hello there fellows, how are you? are you having a good week? today is the first day of summer, but it feels like we have been having summer for the last month or two! from what i know of myself… it will not be long until i get a bit tired of this! yes, i am like that! but i am still enjoying the good weather, ice-creams, bikinis and {fresh waters}! so, as promised yesterday over on {facebook}, today we would have a different {local markets} because unlike the other features, which included an interview and some product photography, today you will be visiting a cute little shop through my eyes. as you may have read on the title, i visited {bolo de pano} in lisbon. it is a very small shop, but when you get inside… you do not feel it as small, but huge in delightful things that surround you. do you know when you go to a shop and you feel like buying everything, because everything looks irresistible? {bolo de pano} is that kind of shop.

to begin with, {bolo de pano} means fabric cake… so, a yummy name to start! then this is a project that belongs to two lovely girls (andreia & catarina). they found themselves both unemployed at a certain point of their lives and, having been friends for quite a while, they decided to start something on their own! they saw the little space available and fell in love with it. the location is wonderful, as it is located in the middle of a very well-known neighbourhood in lisbon (campo de ourique) and the shop is right next to the market. on the left street you can find another delicious shop… {the best chocolate cake in the world}.

then, after getting the space for themselves to explore on a project, they started to think about several ideas in a more realistic way. as one of the girls had a thing for arts & crafts, they thought that a place dedicated to all the amazing design projects out there would be a thrilling idea. and over a year later, this project keeps growing and fully dedicated to everyone who wishes to have good handmade things or wish to learn how to do those things. it is a magical place, filled with beautiful handmade products and some even take you to your childhood memories… you can buy finished products by some of the most talented design-makers (some already featured {here}), or you can buy supplies to make your own things. and if you wish to learn, you can also attend the several workshops {bolo de pano} is organizing. i am definitely taking a few!

you can keep exploring this cute shop with more pictures on {facebook}! and if you have a shop or make things and would like to schedule a photography session to better showcase your products, just send me an email to hello@aplacefortwiggs.com for details & pricing.


  1. There! You found it! That’s the place where I spend more time when I visit Lisbon! They’re great girls and have great stuff. And their workshops are great! Haven’t you once said you wanted to learn how to crochet? You can learn with them! (or you can learn with me, also ;D)

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