interview with anabela carneiro

hello there my friends, how are you doing? oh my goodness, i am back and have so much to tell you! but i think i still need to settle down first (for which i need a few more days!) and then i will be back to share all the good news! the island where i spent the last 6 days was really amazing, totally relaxing and if it wasn’t for mr kobe i think we would go back again, but we missed him so much and he was so thrilled and excited to have us back with him! so, the news will be saved for later and now i will go on with our guest for today. i have told you about her before {here} and when i was thinking about having guests for this feature, i thought of her. i read her {blog} every time she writes and i love her style… her name is anabela and she lives in toronto. she does {beautiful things}… is all i need to say.

number :: 27
i was born on december 27, and i always feel like that number gives me good luck, even if it’s just in my head.

letter :: p
p and p for pony! “pony” is a word that i’ve always really liked (it’s very satisfying to say, because i like how it pops), so when we adopted a new kitten, i gave it to her as a name. the funny thing is that it suits her so well! she likes to gallop around our apartment so she really is like a little pony.

my favourite time of the day is…
my favourite time is dusk. it feels so magical when the light starts to turn to dark.

if i could choose a country to live, other than my own, i would choose…
in some ways i wouldn’t mind living in the united states – i always think that americans are lucky because they can live in any sort of climate possible within one country! i actually wouldn’t mind living in lisbon, though — it’s one of my favourite cities in the world, with so many beautiful beaches nearby, and i do have dual citizenship…

if i had to choose a flavour from my childhood memories, i would choose…
strawberry, especially in ice cream form. these days i only like real strawberry flavours, but i have a soft spot for artificial strawberry flavours too.

and about indulgences? tell us about yours…
lately i’ve bought a couple of tubes of nars lipstick. it feels so indulgent to spent that much money on a tube of lipstick, but it really gives me a lot of pleasure! my absolute favourite indulgence at the moment is an iced coffee from my local coffee shop on a hot day.

did you know anabela? do you read her {blog}? if you do not, i think you maybe should… to feel inspired and drawn into beautiful things. as you read anabela has portuguese family… therefore her love for lisbon. i think she was the one that inspired my love for cotton totes… and she also designs beautiful and simple ones like {these}. i hope you can also feel inspired by anabela… i am. (i think i even might try those lipsticks she talks about)!

images: anabela carneiro via fieldguided (click on each image for further details)

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