friday i am in {love} with…

… relaxed beaches, rainbow umbrellas and soft sands… after spending six delightful days on a {delightful island} about 15km off the portuguese coast, i am obviously in love with places in which you hear anything but the sea… you need to travel by boat everywhere, in which there are no roads at all… and lights go off around 1am. i was in such place and i want to go back. happy weekend, my friends!

1. how far can you see by bomobob via etsy 2. umbrella by irene suchocki via etsy 3. let’s fly away to the beach by urban pink photography via etsy 4. praia piquinia by christian chaize via 20×200 5. rainbow umbrella by girlhula via etsy 6. beach of cadiz by ensaimada via etsy

images: several photographers (click on each caption/image for further details)

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  1. Ah human beings using umbrella’s for something other than the relentless down pour of England, that shot just hugged my heart!

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