lisbon stories :: chiado and downtown

… with no surprise at all, one of the first places i chose to wander with my brand new camera was chiado and downtown. both of these places are stunning, filled with beautiful architecture and historical details. the stores i love the most are located here and there is always beautiful people walking around! it seems that there is always sun and music in the air. you can drink a cup of coffee here, eat the best ice-cream in the world… and the most delicious chocolate croissants.

i must be honest, sometimes i feel a bit shy when i walk into some of my favourites stores, because i want to take pictures and let the owners know that i am sharing my favourite spots and if they wish to consider, it might be some kind of advertising for them, but i always feel so shy that the words don’t come out and i leave the store. so my next challenge is to face this issue and start talking to the owners and let them know what i want to do! either way… if you are coming to lisbon, of course you will not miss these places, because they are mandatory, but do not forget to look up… lisbon has a stunning architecture and these details should not be missed. have a great tuesday lovely friends!


  1. Estiveste nas ruínas? Eu também, na segunda-feira. É sempre inspirador olhar para aqueles arcos que depois de tantos anos ainda se mantêm de pé com uma beleza ímpar.
    Aliás, fiz um passeio por essas mesmas paragens. Às vezes é preciso fazer este tipo de passeio paro nos apercebemos da cidade bela que temos. :)
    Facilmente passamos e não nos apercebemos da sua beleza.
    Só tenho pena que alguns sítios estejam tão mal conservados, mas por vezes até isso é belo.

  2. These photos are amazing. My husband is portugese, but we live in Canada, so Lisbon is not exactly around the corner. But he’s always talked about it and it’s certainly on our list of places to visit. Your pictures make me want to pack my bags right now!

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