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if you were a designer, photographer, crafter… which one would you choose? why? would you choose just one? which one do you love the best? which one do you look for when you are buying?

interesting questions? do you ever think about these?


  1. If I’d had to choose one (and if I could become somehow all of a sudden great at it) I’d choose being a photographer. I’ve always had a thing with cameras and taking photos. There’s something magical about it, even with the digital cameras today, but especially with the film.

    But I wouldn’t choose just one. I don’t choose just one. I love to do lots of different things and therefore I cannot choose to be a one thing. I do mainly work online, with web design and stuff like that (and I love doing it), but in time to time I like to create things with my hands or take photos or just imagine cool stuff.

  2. I can see people get slightly confused with the question. It is friday after all !
    I will choose Etsy because I like the presentation, the structure, the choice of products, friendly to browse but as I like diversity if I could I ‘ll play around with the three of them.
    A good question but thinking far too much about it ! I shall open my shop one day when I will be less of a perfectionist (fear of failing I reckon)
    By the way, I finally receive my MOO postcards. The quality is fab. Thanks to you my dear.
    Enjoy the sunshine Miss South

  3. I like Etsy, of course because it’s where my shop is and because the community is pretty darn cool. I have also been enjoying shopping around on Big Cartel as well. It seems both platforms are great to their sellers and customers. Is that what you were asking?


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