1. If I’d had to choose one (and if I could become somehow all of a sudden great at it) I’d choose being a photographer. I’ve always had a thing with cameras and taking photos. There’s something magical about it, even with the digital cameras today, but especially with the film.

    But I wouldn’t choose just one. I don’t choose just one. I love to do lots of different things and therefore I cannot choose to be a one thing. I do mainly work online, with web design and stuff like that (and I love doing it), but in time to time I like to create things with my hands or take photos or just imagine cool stuff.

  2. I can see people get slightly confused with the question. It is friday after all !
    I will choose Etsy because I like the presentation, the structure, the choice of products, friendly to browse but as I like diversity if I could I ‘ll play around with the three of them.
    A good question but thinking far too much about it ! I shall open my shop one day when I will be less of a perfectionist (fear of failing I reckon)
    By the way, I finally receive my MOO postcards. The quality is fab. Thanks to you my dear.
    Enjoy the sunshine Miss South

  3. I like Etsy, of course because it’s where my shop is and because the community is pretty darn cool. I have also been enjoying shopping around on Big Cartel as well. It seems both platforms are great to their sellers and customers. Is that what you were asking?


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