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hello lovely friends, how are you doing so far in this (rainy) monday? yes, sunny and spring-ish lisbon has changed over a very rainy one! ugh, i hate these days when i am in a spring mood! well, moving on! how was your weekend? was it delightful? did you have the chance to stop and enjoy your home, your family, your book, your favourite meal? i truly hope so… i know i can be a totally laptop + internet dependent, but i do try to keep these away sometimes in order to let myself do other things! so, i was able to read a bit… and yes, i am reading about dogs! have you ever heard of cesar millan? oh he is my idol now! i really need to focus on my energy!

so today i wanted to bring to you a sneak-peek on a delicious blog with a fabulous lady, that also manages to create delicious magazines. i had visited her blog, but forgot to subscribe. yesterday i remembered it again and asides from adding it to my reader, i spent a few hours reading her stories and just delighted with the photography. today is just a little sneak-peek, but i do intend to bring this lady here for a cup of tea! this lady is jeanette lunde, the author of {fryd + design}.

everything that jeanette lunde writes is simple, but so full of meaning. her photography is colourful, simple… filled with light. it’s quite an inspirational blog filled with real-life stories… and beauty. and you should read… or re-read her magazine {2 by fryd}. i can never get enough of it… such amazing and stunning details. here is jeanette’s {blog}, say hello!!

images: jeanette lunde via fryd + design (click on each image to jump to the original post)


  1. That’s a nice looking blog, thanks for sharing!

    My weekend was quite nice. On saturday we went to a bit of a flea market shopping with my sister and boyfriend. I did get my shoes and socks wet, cause the snow around here is starting to melt (not very pretty) and I didn’t have shoes for the weather. But otherwise it was great.

  2. stunning photography … gorgeous colours … i want to live there! thanks for sharing pretty lady. i hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi,

    Your blog is beautifully done. I am putting together a blog for my family and our travels. I’m not computer savvy and using wordpress and it is very slow going. I love the way you have organized and presented the information on your blog. Did you do the design yourself? Or use a designer?

    Thanks for your help,

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