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hello there my friends, how are you? it’s friday so you must be feeling a little bit thrilled, right?  do you have any plans? i just have for tomorrow, vet with the little guy (right now mr twiggs is trying to teach him not to byte his own bed!)! on fridays i usually bring to you a recipe, brought by a guest. but today i decided to share with you some pictures of things i cook & eat. i specially like to photograph salads & brunches. i have also tried to bake some of the recipes that guests share over here, but wasn’t that successful! i believe it is a oven thing… it is a traditional one, i light it with matches and have no idea about the temperature inside!

black coffee, scrambled eggs with tuna & chive, toasts with strawberry jam, orange

golden grahams with banana and fresh milk

green salad with broccoli, tuna, boiled egg, tomato, oregano & parsley

green salad with olive oil and pork loin roast

i love salads and i am a fan of those already prepared salads, i mean all the vegetables i usually eat, mixed in one bag, already cut and washed, ready to put on a plate. from then i usually pour a bit of olive oil (i am portuguese, olive oil is our thing!), balsamic vinegar and oregano! the main thing is to remain healthy. from time to time i like to avoid rice, pasta or potatoes for just salad and meat.


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