friday i am in {love} with…

… cats… or dogs. actually a four legs… that either barks or meows. the things is… mr twiggs is not that thrilled. he already has a labrador that lives with his parents. but here we have none, and i miss having a pet so much. i keep talking about having a cat or a dog… we never know. maybe the idea gets on his mind and, well, by december 7th i may have a surprise (yes, mr twiggs, i am really counting on you reading this and getting the message!). ok, but he says he does not like cats. so typical of men! he likes dogs, so i talk about dogs too. we live in a very small flat, but i never talk about having a labrador. i just think that having a pet is one amazing thing. first we are giving our love to one needed animal. second, we have company, another friend in the house. third, is there a better thing than waking up with your cat on your feet or your dog on you face saying {good morning sunshine!}… ok, he might not say this, but he means to! so if you have really good ideas in order to convince mr twiggs in having a cat or dog, please… share them with me! happy weekend!!

1. sat cat 2. country style cat 3. adorable yellow cat 4. beautiful door, beautiful chevron floor, beautiful cat 5. pola cat 6. aawwweee 7. cat in a wonderful blue dress 8. he is fluffy 9. sleepy cat

images: all images via pinterest. please click on each number to go to the original source.


  1. No words to describe how happy this post made me:) Smiling from ear to ear thanks to these lovely kitties!

    There really is nothing like the love of a pet:) I often come home from work exhausted from the day/commute/lack of coffee/whatever, and seriously, seeing that little animal be so excited just to see you is an immediate mood-booster and something no amount of money could buy! Yes, they can be work and cost money, but their companionship & love is sooo worth it –not to mention the laughs they inspire (a la the first pic you posted, lol)

    Good luck;)

    • hello jessica!!! how sweet of you!!! that is exactly what i miss about having a pet! for at least the first 15 years of my life i always a cat or a dog! and it is delightful… i really miss having that companionship you talk about! thank you so much for this! i will make mr twiggs read this! :) have a great weekend! twiggs

  2. Great photos! I would so love to have a cat, but can’t beacause of my allergy… SometimesI think my husband would almost swap me for the chansce to own a cat! :-)

    • oh dear, i truly hope not!!! you are much more interesting than a cat… well… why not try a dog? :)

    • that is so right! i knew my pov would be totally understood!!!! :)

    • ;) i knowwww, but mr twiggs did not get that awwweee look on his face! :)

  3. I agree – a house is not a home without a cat (preferrably two… and a dog!). I share my house with a mad Maine Coon called Wilson, and fat marmalade cat Rufus sometimes deigns to drop by too :) I am always suspicious of people without pets! Tell Mr Twiggs that – he is a suspicious character without a cat! Your pics are lovely.

  4. i love animals for legged or not! i had to beg the mister so we could get a kitty and finally i broke him! i just love the way the first cat is sitting! he is so silly!


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