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hello friends, did you get a good night of sleep? i hope so! maybe it is an age thing but lately sleep habits have been a frequent topic in conversations among my friends, specially because i have a few friends that have a few problems in falling asleep. fortunately, i may have all sorts of problems, but falling asleep is not one of them. i may confess even that i can fall asleep during my dentist appointment. really! so, today i emerged into my favourite shops on etsy, and this one was on top of the list! i love when my eyes lay on neutral and earthy tones. they come from san francisco, and you may have seen them on my {etsy favourites} on the bottom of the sidebar! please, welcome to {in haus press}.

“{in haus press} is the venture of pastry chef and engineer. the pastry chef very much a designer, and the engineer very much a craftsman, both have an appreciation for hand-set type. we are a small letterpress studio in san francisco, crafting, readymade and custom paper-goods.”

you may click on each image that you will be taken to {in haus press} etsy corner! you can also find your way to their {blog}… i really loved this neutral and quite mood. there is something that looks special in each of the settings chosen to showcase every item. i love letterpress… maybe a goal for 2012 will be something around that topic… and yes, i did say 2012. one step at a time! i hope you keep having a great wednesday, sweet friends! i can’t wait to get to the weekend! there are so many plans… including theater, wandering and a photography challenge on the way!


  1. Twiggs: Love them, as I told you. Do you just take the photos as you see the elements or you set them in the position you want? Can I ask you this kind of questions? The photos are so simple and beautiful…

  2. hello gabriela, i am not the author of these great pictures, they belong to {in haus press}! they do an excellent work, even when they prepare the settings for their products!! thank you for coming!!! have a great day! twiggs

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