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hello! hello! how are you lovely readers? excited? happy? so… tomorrow is saturday, right? what are you going to do? are there any plans? i wish to take a rest, have a little fun with some friends, try to make some bread and work on more plans for the {etsy shop}!

please, take in consideration that the shop will be on sale just until monday! there are some pretty good sales going on there! 35% off in every 5×7 and a bogo on every 8×10, which means you get to choose a 5×7 for free to be sent with your 8×10… but almost in the end! tic-tac-tic-tac!

run, baby run

this one is only available for you, which means it is not on etsy yet! and for you there is also one really good benefit… no shipping costs! you can browse all those available {here} & {here}. and if you have other ideas that would suit you better, be my guest! leave me a note on hello@aplacefortwiggs.com! i will happily help you! have a great day! stay focused for the last interview about photography!

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