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as mentioned before, today we shall continue with {photography… by photographers} interviews, in a week dedicated to latin-american ladies. our second guest will be {euge de la peña}, a sweet friend of mine, that was also a guest over {a place for twiggs}. she is from buenos aires, and currently is living in germany, and her talent & creativity for photography is well-known around the flickr community.

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hello! how are you feeling today? hello dear claudia, i’m really happy today and i hope you too!

1. so, we are here to talk about {photography}… let’s start with a very important detail… where did you learn your way through {photography}? i always loved taking pictures, since i was a little girl but i started learning and reading about photography when i joined a flickr group called {la vuelta al mundo}. there i met wonderful photographers and thank to their work i became more and more interested and felt the need to lear how to shoot better. i know i still have a looooots of things to learn and i’m really looking foward to do it!

2. what camera+lens do you use the most? my nikon d300 and my nikon 50mm 1.8

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3. what is your camera’s best feature? the viewfinder and the 51-point auto-focus.

4. three must-dos for you concerning {photography}! shoot in manual, shoot in raw and enjoy!

5. favourite subject to shoot? i love still life, so anything i have at home that inspires me becames my favourite subject to shoot. i also love urban photography and when i’m outside i try to focus on any little detail i can find!

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6. after taking pictures, do you use any program to process them? yes, photoshop.

7. in three words… how would you describe your {photography}? mmm that’s a hard question… i guess it reflects my world, what iam… sometimes my mood, sometimes my home, my town, my things…

mosaic8dbf603f92a01629990876abbff557178dbfc6ba interview with euge

8. what inspires you to do what you do in {photography}? i love photography because it is a way for me to escape from my daily routine. it helps me to relax… to connect with myself and my emotions. i really want to continue improving and maybe one day become a professional photographer! who knows?

9. when you wander in flickr… what drives you to write a comment? when i like a photo, i write a comment… it is always nice to comment, like a way of saying you are following somebody’s work… like a support. i also always try to comment back when i have a chance. i really wish I had more time to do that!!

10. would you like to try anything different from what you do in {photography}? i really want to learn how to take good portraits , maybe i will try to focus on this during this year.

mosaic7c10fbb786aa868bc27d333e039c93ee87e365ad interview with euge

i hope you had a good time reading euge’s answers… she’s a nikon girl, which means that so far we have had a canon & a nikon girl. i must confess, my heart beats for canon. but what about yours? what camera do you have or wish to have? i would love to hear about you! and by the way… tomorrow, our honourable guest will be {valeria spring}!


  1. Thank you so much, dear Claudia! It is an honour for me to be a guest in your wonderful blog!!
    Muchisisisiisismas gracias, de corazon :)

    Thank you soo much for your lovely comments, girls!

    @Laura: I live near Hamburg :)

  2. Love Euge’s vision and It’s been wonderful to see the place where she lives through her breathtaking images! I also love knowing that we are both from the same country. Maybe some day I can get to meet her!

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