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dear friday, thank you so much for your visit. i was looking forward to see you since… last sunday, i believe. do you know that you are one of my favorite days? yes, for real. you are so sweet… i love to feel you approaching, sometimes really slow, and in those weeks, i am not very happy with you, but then you arrive next to me, and all those mad feelings go away, because i cannot believe you are here with me! thank you, dear friday, i will always love you!

ok, just a little sense of humour to start this day! how are you friends? ready for the weekend? (ok, promise i will not ask this anymore!) today we shall have a lady guest, that comes from the cold. she lives in a very admired city, but was born on another. let’s meet her, shall we?

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peggy is the lady behind {paul & paula}, the blog… “the main reason why i started this blog is my interest to exchange and interact with mums, parents and their kids from around the world.” let’s get to know a bit more.

1. hello… how are you? can you tell me something that describes who’s peggy? hello… who am i?! i am a very tall german mum of 2 small kids. i am very open, curious and ask a lot of questions. i just want to know everything, specially the details. i love my family and nothing makes me happier than sitting together and enjoy. enjoy the moment. i love to cook and discover. discover everything. travelling and show my kids the world.

2. where were you born? in berlin, germany… in the middle of a very cold and snowy winter.

3. and now where do you live? and you have been living there for how many years? at this moment i live in amsterdam, the netherlands. 3 years by now. you might be interested to know that i lived a couple of years in hamburg (another very beautiful german city), as well as paris and london.

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4. do you remember what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad? that is actually long time ago. the first time i went abroad was when i was 19. i finished my {a level} and went to paris. 1 year as an au pair.  i was so happy, happy to go and see somehting else. different people, new language. i was not really afraid, i was just really curious and looking forward to learn new things. since then i moved every couple of years. always looking for a new adventure… now we have 2 kids and will not move so easily but we are still not ready to settle down!

5. what challenges did you face when you started living there? as it was not the first time and we have a lot of help (specially when it comes to paperwork, tax info and the life) we were quite relaxed. even the language is not a real challenge here as everybody speaks english on a very good level. however as we moved with a 5 month old baby, first move with a child, we had to consider much more details. daycare, park, connections, easy access etc… in the end we found a nice flat… {naked}! meaning, no flooring, no kitchen… no nothing. that was our challenge. putting things together. exciting yes but we did not have much time.

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6. what do you love the most about your current country? that you can cycle everywhere. by now i cannot stand taking the public transport anymore.

7. what do you miss the most about your home country? my friends. it is now 13 years that i left berlin. i would love to spend more time with them, catching up and being part of their lives. skype, email… very nice, helping a lot but it is not the same! i cannot see myself living in germany again but sometimes i think it would be nice to go back to berlin for a year just to see my friends more often!

8. if you could choose, what would you take from this country to yours? the bike lanes. even in the city center you do not need to be afraid to take your bike!

9. what is your favorite word in your current language? lekker. because everything is lekker here. people, food, your mood… everything. i would translate it with: lekker – when used for food or drinks, good, lekker – person, well a “lekker ding” is a good looking/ sexy person, lekker- feeling, which means i feel good!

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and this was another interview on amazing & adventurous lives! i always feel so inspired, and when i read these answers, it makes me want to pack, and go somewhere and face new challenges, speak another language, adjust to anotehr culture… you can find peggy’s blog {here}… and you can also talk to her {here}! thank you so much, peggy! have a great friday!


  1. Dear Claudia, thank you so much for having me… here on your beautiful blog!
    It was a big pleasure and I am looking forward to read your blog every day. Very curious to see it growing…
    Happy week end… which I wish to everybody of course who took the time to read this interview!
    Lots of LOVE!

  2. Hey Claudia, loving this series at the moment and its great to find out a bit more about Peggy. Hehe Lekker is a word that is used alot my my South African hubby and many friends, I always forget that Afrikaans is based alot on the Dutch language. Have a great weekend guys. axx

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