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hello again, welcome back friends! have you noticed that this week we have been talking with photographers about… photography? do you ever wonder what cameras + lenses your favourite photographers use? what do they do after taking pictures? having a small camera and having this {one} has a dream, but figuring out that maybe i will have to get this {one} instead first… i am all ears! what about you? in order to answer my doubts (and hopefully yours too) i bring you today lady {natalie french} with her pastels & sweetness.

1. so, we are here to talk about {photography}… let’s start with a very important detail… where did you learn your way through {photography}? i self taught myself through using the internet, i still have very much to learn though…

2. what camera+lens do you use the most? i use a nikon d3000 and i use the 18-55mm lens most of the time!

3. what is your camera’s best feature? mmm auto mode?! for when all else fails…

4. three must-dos for you concerning {photography}! first be patient, second lighting is always important & three preparation. these are the most important things to me!

5. favourite subject to shoot? my beautiful children, with no doubt whatsoever!

6. after taking pictures, do you use any program to process them? i use photoshop cs4!

7. in three words… how would you describe your {photography}? ohhh simple!

8. what inspires you to do what you do in {photography}? my children inspire me… and then they are my favourite subject so…!!

9. when you wander in flickr… what drives you to write a comment? different styles and tones, i love looking at the word though other peoples eye’s!

10. would you like to try anything different from what you do in {photography}? landscape & long exposure.

natalie is an adorable girl, she comes from the united kingdom and she is 31 years-old. she lives with her husband and two girls. you can also explore her world {here} & {here}. thank you so much natalie for being here today. you were invited in the first days of january to share your wishes for 2011… and now you are back with some of your photography secrets! and if you, my friends, missed the other interviews, you can always catch up {here} & {here}. isabel alcalá & meisi were the first ladies of this {european ladies week}. just for the record… this week, canon is winning so far!

images: natalie french

{photography… by photographers} is a special edition of interviews to some well-known photographers, where they answer & share their insight on photography. you can find more {here}


  1. I LOVE NATALIE FRENCH … ok in photographic terms. not only is her work stunning but she’s one of my favourite treasury faries & an incredible sweet lady. Love this little interview, so nice learning more about the person behind the lens. thanks again for sharing.

  2. Dear Twiggs…
    ooo i love it :) How exiting is this, My very first interview….. i feel all professional now :b
    Thank you for asking me to take part in your beautiful blog my dear friend :)

    Dear Laura, Thank you for your sweet word`s, you are a real inspiration and i am so glad that we have all got to share this wonderful online home of ours together.
    Have a lovely evening my sweet friends…..

  3. Natalie’s work is so sweet and feminine. Thanks for featuring her on your inspiring blog, Twiggs!

    And, now you know my age (gasp!). Can we still be friends? ha, ha. xoxo

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