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… so i was wondering… am i the only one that wonders about what is behind my favourite photographers? how equipment do they use? what inspires them? what are their dreams? i was wondering about all these questions, because… well first i am passionate about photography. second, because i am the proud owner of a tiny-really-not-fancy-but-amazing-friend-point-and-shoot canon, and in strong pursuit of {this} one. third, because i believe that we all have some curiosity about a personal insight on our favourite photographers. so… {photography… by photographers} arrived in my mind. chose some friends, asked them and they all said an excited yes! this week will be dedicated to latin-american ladies… and in two weeks, we shall have an european ladies week! here is the schedule for all of you that are willing to find out some secrets:

january 10th – {françoise rachez}

january 11th – {euge de la peña}

january 12th – {valeria spring}

january 13th – {jackie rueda}

january 14th – {libertad leal}

let’s get started, i can’t wait to share this with you! let’s start on with françoise…

1. so, here we are to talk about {photography}… let’s start with a very important detail, how did you learn your way through photography? i started photography all by myself, but i must say that each step i take, has been helped and motivated by many other photographers and artists. i can say i’m a self-taught photographer, because i threw myself into this adventure alone and almost everything i have learned was by myself (both photography and photo editing), reading and practicing a lot since 3 years around. however, i think i need to talk about the beginning and my turning point, that was when i found my way to jackie rueda’s blog. it was at that moment i decided that i needed to do something to fall in love with  the new place where i was living. after seeing her pictures and reading her blog, i started to participate in {la vuelta al mundo} (flickr group managed by jackie) and in parallel i had continued reading and learning at home every day. 1 year ago, i attended “l’atelier”, an online course by jackie and i really enjoy it and  learned so, but so much!

2. what camera + lens do you use the most? some time ago i used a canon 350 with two kit lenses, but in a wild party, i think i was stolen (or so i believe), then i had a pentax km and now i use a canon 550.  the lens i use the most is 50 1.4. but i have a great affection for 18-55 lens, because it helped me learn a lot! sometimes i use a wide angle (though not mine) and i have a long wish list that i hope will meet sometime (24-70, 35 1.4, etc, etc, etc.)

3. what is your camera’s best feature? i don’t  really know, i haven’t had many others alike to compare, but i think i like how it handles the noise in bad light conditions and also i love that  it’s so light (i’m not a very strong girl)

4. can you give me three must-do’s concerning {photography}? practice more and more, explore with photo sessions. learn a bit about artificial light (only for curiosity because i’m really a lover of natural light). and work to expand my photography gear.

5. and what is your favourite subject to shoot? my son, obviously! (laughs) i like to shoot everything from still life and even myself, but i really enjoy when i can walk out to discover new places and  photographing those little charming corners that exist everywhere.

6. after taking pictures, do you use any program to edit them? yes, i shoot in raw and edit them with lightroom 3. the final touch i give it with photoshop, i still using the CS3 version because i have been too lazy to install the CS5!

7. in three words, how would you describe your {photography}? evocative, dreamy and vintage.

8. what inspires you to do what you do in {photography}? i am inspired by my imaginary worlds, my desires, my dreams, music, films and also to see the work of many photographers. my son inspires me in such a deep way, he makes me a  person full of love and that allows me to do all that i do with much love.

9. when you wander in flickr, what drives you to write a comment? i like to make pictures that tell stories, for that reason i value very much pictures that have something to tell, because i can create imaginary worlds with them. i like to comment the photos that are in harmony and are beautifu,l but these two concepts are subjective, so if the picture gives me any of these feelings, that means the message was sent and came to fruition. also try to comment (when time allows me) photos of people who are starting, because my own experience says that this really helps to keep your morale up. i have only taken a first step, i have a long way to go and i appreciate all the support i receive everyday from the fantastic community on flickr.

10. would you like to try something different from what you do in {photography}? i would like to do fashion photography!! but my biggest dream is to be cinematographer of a great movie! i think i have to start soon to learn about artificial light (laughs!) dreams are free, right? yay!

thanks for inviting me back to your beautiful blog claudia! to be here with you is always a pleasure and it is an honor for me to start this series week of latin-americans girls photographers. what a pride!

i thank you, françoise for taking this challenge, you are so sweet, as i am always asking for something! well, this was the very first interview about {photography}, hope you have enjoyed fran’s answers! i certainly loved to know more about her equipment and dreams + inspiration (her son is really adorable)! twiggs


  1. Thank you Claudia!!! To be here, is fantastic to me! I love share my work with you and all your readers!!!
    Thank you so so so so much, darling!!!!!

    • thank you so much françoise! i loved to read your interview… a cinematographer, huh? whow!!! ;) hugs!!!

  2. stunning photography … wonderful interview. i love learning more about the people “behind the lens” & gaining inspiration from them. looking forward to who’s next! happy monday chica. xx

    • me too, that was the whole point here… to know about some of my favourite photographers, what is their equipment, how they do their work. happy to have you here laura!! ;) see you tomorrow! hugs!

  3. Francoise is so authentic, sincere and passionate about photography! Following her work has been a visual celebration. I love this interview. Fran: I want to be in the casting of that movie! Later I’ll tell you the role I want. I already have a screenplay for you! :)
    Thanks Claudia ♥

    • hello jackie, how good to see you here! :) i also want to be on that casting, though i have not a role on my mind yet! :):):) maybe after reading the screenplay! hugs to you both!!

    • hello miss vicki!!! thank you for your visit!!! i knew you would like this! keep coming, because there are four more this week! have a great day!!!

  4. Wow fantastic post, such beautiful images. I am off to look at more now on flickr
    Thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait for the next one! Much love Lucy x x

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  6. Looool! ok ok girls! We will do Charlie’s angels version 3 (or 4???) hahahahaha
    thanks so much for the lovely comments girls!!!

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  8. Francoise is one of my favourite photographers. She is such a wonderful and talented person….her work is a-ma-zing and really inspiring!

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  11. Love this! It’s like listening you both talking about one of the most beautiful thing we have in common :)

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