{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

hello sweet friends, how are you feeling? happy? excited or feeling a bit anxious about christmas presents & decorations? well, yesterday was a very quiet day… pouring rain outside, quite home inside, christmas movies & chocolate cookies with coffee. a few moments of catching with news on twitter and one amazing {christmas list} to be inspired by my kind friend, laura. in case of you going there, one quick note: don’t you just love that planner?

well, i felt inspired by notebooks… and from then on came globes & bikes. 

{it seems i can never place a nice & clear version of the treasuries i gather on etsy. if anyone does have a clue in order for this come out in the right way… i am all ears!}

laura from {laura evans photography} says she is addicted on etsy… who can blame her? do you feel the same way? there are so many delicious & precious things on etsy! i wish i could just pick every each of these precious things to put under my tree! 

have a rocking thursday!



  1. I love etsy! I am actually thinking of trying to make some cute journals!! Great inspiration :)

  2. Adoro notebooks! tenho uma verdadeira colecção, mas também lhes dou uso =)
    Have a nice day!

  3. hello brooke! i also love etsy, but i think i can spend more time over at pinterest! but to search for vintage things… i would choose etsy! you have to show me some of your journals if you decide to make some!!

    olá si! já percebi que falamos a mesma língua! :) eu também adoro estes cadernos, e sim, tal como tu… também os uso até ao fim, gosto deles com o ar já usado… assim têm mais história! :)

    hugs & kisses! twiggs

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